Revisiting All the Questions I Had About Baby Sonic

We had questions and the movie had answers.

Back in December, we published a blog asking a multitude of questions about Baby Sonic, the young version of Sonic that would appear in the hedgehog’s live-action movie that came to theaters this weekend. Now that the movie’s out and I’ve seen it twice (and it’s good, actually), I’m happy to say that several of those questions were answered in the very brief like, two minutes we saw of Baby Sonic in the film. So let’s go over each of them with renewed knowledge.

Spoilers for Sonic the Hedgehog follow:

Q: Will we see Sonic’s parents in this film? Yes, he has a mom and dad in the comics, but unless I’m mistaken we’ve never seen the people who brought Sonic into this world in any of the video game canon.

A: No, we do not see Sonic’s biological parents in the movie, as the littlest blue blur that could is being raised by an owl named Longclaw, who is one of the movie’s many original characters and has no history in the franchise beyond this brief appearance as the facilitator of Sonic’s tragic backstory.

Revisiting All the Questions I Had About Baby Sonic

Q: Is he as happy and healthy as he appears in the trailer? I want to be sure he’s getting all the exercise (he clearly likes to run, so not much to worry about there) and food he needs. Establishing these things early on in a child’s lifetime is key to ensuring they grow up big and strong.

A: Healthy? Yeah he appears so. No sniffles to speak of and he’s an energetic little dude. Happy? Well, he seemed to be until his mother figure transported him to another planet and was seemingly killed by Echidnas. That’s gonna make Knuckles’ eventual introduction awkward, huh?

Q: Does Mobius, the planet Sonic is from, have a good pre-school program for Baby Sonic? He needs to get a good head start before he begins public school and I just want to be sure his parents who we have not seen yet have exhausted all possible options for him.

A: Sonic actually addresses this specifically, saying that he doesn’t have to catch the bus to school because he’s so fast and can just run to school if he needs to. He then clarifies that there isn’t actually a school on the island he lives on. So not only is there no good pre-school program for Baby Sonic, there seems to be not established education system whatsoever.

Q: Baby Sonic implies the existence of Child Sonic. Will we get to see an abridged version of the hedgehog’s life leading up to him being the snarky, speedy teenager (he is canonically 15-years-old) he is in the movie?

A: Unfortunately, we do not see Sonic grow up. Instead we get a 10-year time skip after he’s left as a baby on Earth. He’s been fending for himself all this time and also isolated from the rest of society.

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Q: Who will be voicing Baby Sonic? Because unless they go the Alvin and the Chipmunks route of pitching his voice up, I would be surprised if Adolescent Sonic actor Ben Schwartz can believably pull off the voice of a child.

A: Child actor Benjamin L. Valic voices Baby Sonic.

Q: Will there be Baby Sonic specific merchandise when the movie comes out, such as a plush I could sit on my shelf or desk to raise my spirits when everything else in my life seems to be going wrong?

A: There is Baby Sonic specific merchandise, but it appears to have been based on the original design pre-internet blow up, and looks basically nothing like the adorable sweet summer child we see in the final film.

Revisiting All the Questions I Had About Baby Sonic

Q: Will Miles “Tails” Prower or any other of Sonic’s friends or frienemies show up to fill out this apparent origin story? Because the thought of Baby Sonic growing up without any friends makes me incredibly sad.

A: Well this question got sad and appropriate real quick. As it turns out, Tails does make an appearance in the movie in the post-credits scene, showing up on Earth searching for Sonic. But the two didn’t seem to know each other at the time, and Sonic actually did grow up without any friends, which plays into his arc throughout the movie. What’s Tails up to and will we see anyone else show up soon? That’s sequel talk, but given the restrained approach this first movie took (Sonic and Jim Carrey’s Dr. Robotnik are the only game characters who make an appearance), it’s unlikely that the full cavalry is going to be showing up any time soon. As much as I would love to see live-action Shadow the Hedgehog.

Revisiting All the Questions I Had About Baby Sonic

Q: Is Baby Sonic similar to past baby hedgehogs depicted in the Sonic franchise, like this reveal in the animated show Sonic Underground that this other baby is actually a robot? If so, what implications does that have about the Sonic the Hedgehog movie’s universe and its pitting of robots against robots as seen in the trailers for the film? Does this mean that Sonic the Hedgehog is coming to eat Nier: Automata’s lunch?

A: At one point in the movie a veterinarian examines Sonic and confirms he does, in fact, have bones and a pulse. He is also shown to be capable of flatulence, which I’m sure got a real hardy laugh from the children at your showing like it did mine. So sounds like he’s actually a living creature and not a robot, so that’s a “no” on all of the above.

Q: Are there classified internal documents over at Sega, Paramount, or any of the other companies involved in the film’s development that show what Baby Sonic would have looked like had it not been for the character’s redesign that the masses demanded earlier this year?

A: No idea. But probably.