Play This Retro, 90s FPS Right Now – Don’t Look It Up First

Papercookies’ No Players Online is short, it's spooky, and it works.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but Papercookies’ No Players Online is extremely my shit. It’s a tiny indie horror game that borrows the visual language of an unfinished 90s FPS (or Doom Clone, to use the proper term of the time), and the light mechanical  logic of a PT or Layers of Fear-style game. Which is to say that you loop through a series of simple events and interactions, which may or may not involve shutting the game off and restarting it, as you try to get to the bottom of the game’s mysteries.

It’s spooky, it’s effective, and it’s deeply evocative of both this early-to-mid-90s style and the sort of burgeoning haunted computer sub-sub-genre.

I don’t want to spoil anything at all, because being lost in the dreamy, creepy, empty corridors of No Players Online, making the simple connections and questioning your sanity on every loop is part of the magic. This sort of game, to me, is the beauty of game jams and accessible engines like Unity—they allow tiny teams and single devs to bring brilliant ideas to life, one beautiful, chunky N64-era skybox after another.

If you aren’t convinced by now, you should watch the trailer.

You can name your price and download the game from Papercookies page.


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