That PUBG Mobile Spider-Man Mode Is Finally Here

Peter's back on the clock!

After teasing it late last year, the big Spider-Man x PUBG Mobile collaboration is finally arriving tomorrow, January 14. Coinciding with the release of Patch 1.8 despite patch notes penning it for January 12 (two days before the actual update), players will get their chance to team up with Marvel’s iconic web-slinger in two different scenarios until the middle of next month. It’s odd timing given just how long Spider-Man: No Way Home has been out now, but maybe it’s just a little homage to that time Toby Mcguire’s masked menace delivered those pizzas long past the famous thirty-minute freebie window. Yeah, that’s it.

In the first instance, you’ll be able to toy around with Spider-Man on the Erangel map as soon as PUBG Mobile patch 1.8 goes live. Glossing over how exactly Peter Parker arrived in Erangel to begin with, the only information we’re given is that he’s there fighting “mysterious monsters” and that we’re able to help him “defeat the boss.” The reward? Advanced supplies like the Web Shooter and Spiderweb Ball that will presumably then work like the active skills from the Runic Power mode and that weird sound-based one that came after but, unlike the former, never returned.

Spider-Man comes to PUBG Mobile with patch 1.8.

According to the 1.8 patch notes, the Web Shooter will slow players down when hit, whereas the Spiderweb Ball is a throwable object that sprays webs, slowing down enemies in the area when it explodes. Assuming the former doesn’t have AR-like range, you may want to keep some of one of the best PUBG Mobile SMGs or shotguns on hand in case you’re caught.

Things are never clear with the PUBG Mobile patch notes, so the steps required to find the “boss” that blocks access to these cool new gadgets is still shrouded in mystery. They said to find Mylta Power, which is actually just a pretty common area on the Erangel map. Expect everyone to either flock to the same location at the beginning of the match, or to learn that “Mylta Power” is an item that’s been scattered around by some form of accident at the (identically-named) in-game power plant. It could serve as a reason for the “mysterious monsters” and be a solid reason for the “boss” to be someone like Electro. Whatever we end up doing to spawn the boss, Spider-Man is supposed to drop in and help. So while he punches the big bad, you’ll be riddling them with slugs from your AA12. Just one day after Erangel plays host to the event, it’ll spread to Livik as well. Though the details surrounding that little adventure are few and far between, suggesting it’s the same event, only smaller.

It all feels very familiar. Back last year, PUBG Mobile collaborated with the release of Godzilla vs Kong, delivering a similar scenario to Erangel and a few other maps for months. Back then, the movie’s big beasts would claim a map each, eventually converging on a single one to battle Mecha Godzilla, mirroring the movie’s epic conclusion. We’re not expecting every familiar face from the recent Marvel flick to show up here, but it’s another cool little notch in PUBG Mobile‘s attempts to spice up its collaborative efforts and bring a little more pop-culture fun to the game from time to time. Not that you’d ever escape it given its tendency to release things like the KartRider and B.Duck skins.

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