PUBG Mobile Collabs With Another Best-Selling Manga Series

"What's wrong, Sakuna Fingers? Do you not like my mouth-words?"

Another day, another PUBG Mobile collaboration event. This time, the big mobile battle royale title has announced — rather out of the blue — a team-up with the Jujustu Kaisen anime and manga franchise. Rather than tease the big new event months prior to its release, the latest collaboration came as a surprise less than a week before it actually made it into the game.

So what does it even bring? Quite a lot, actually. If you’re at all a fan of the franchise, you’ll be interested in what’s going on here.

You can get the full low-down of the PUBG Mobile Jujutsu Kaisen event from the relatively short video below, but we’re going to summarize it for those who’d rather skim-read text rather than risk their mobile data package.

First up, you’re going to get a chance to meet a bunch of the main characters from Jujustu Kaisen like Satoru Gojo, Nobara Kugisaki, Yuji Itadori, and Megumi Fushiguru. That’s a given, really. If you could mess around with Spider-Man in the last big collaboration, dropping a few uniformed anime characters into the game likely wasn’t too much to ask. You’ll find them on a freshly modified version of Erangel, where a special themed event will play out.

Dubbed the Jujutsu Kaisen Trial, the task here is relatively simple. While you’re out looting guns and ammo from your usual Erangel hotspots, you might also come across Cursed Object crates containing Sakuna Fingers. You’ll find a full log of these (and clues regarding the in-game locations) on the Cycle Memories screen between matches. Collect them all and you’ll nab yourself a cool collectable reward and a special achievement to mark the occasion.

For those seeking more than a simple treasure hunt, look out for the Cursed Corpse item while you’re out on your travels. This throwable grenade-like object will detonate as soon as it hits the floor, summoning a Cursed Corpse mascot in the process. This highly aggressive creature won’t rest until you’re knocked onto the floor, so be prepared for a battle before you decide to throw down. Defeat the peculiar target with your weapons before it beats you, and you’ll get a bunch of helpful supplies that’ll either help patch up the damage you sustained, or give you what you need to finish the fight.

There’s not a massive amount of content on here for what otherwise looks to be a pretty major collaboration. Between getting skins, picking up collectibles, and taking a boss similar to those seen in the Metro Royale mode, the video doesn’t allude to the event getting any bigger as time goes on. Unlike the Arcane collaboration and a couple of others with unique combat changes, this one doesn’t look to be using any of the powers from the source material to spice things up for a time.

It’s a nice addition for fans of the franchise for sure, but without anything really worth taking part in for those who simply don’t care for the team-up, it could just be seen as another event taking players away from the primary PUBG Mobile queues. The big PUBG Mobile Jujutsu Kaisen event is active from February 15 all the way to March 15. So if you’re at all interested in what it’s offering, you have about a month to enjoy it.

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