Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Morgrem Is Literally Danzig

You better think about it baby

Pokemon Sword and Shield has introduced several new Pokemon to the ol’ Dex, but none of them look quite as familiar as the fairy/dark type Morgrem. Impidimps and Morgrems litter the twists and turns of Glimwood Tangle, and if you’re anything like me, you immediately noticed that Morgrem’s side part, long dark hair, diminutive stature, bad attitude, muscle tone and shirtlessness are all signatures of Misfits frontman Glenn Danzig.

Sure, you could write this off as mere coincidence, but let’s take a look at Morgrem’s Pokedex entry:

When it gets down on all fours as if to beg for forgiveness, it’s trying to lure opponents in so that it can stab them with its spear-like hair. With sly cunning, it tries to lure people into the woods. Some believe it to have the power to make crops grow.

This could easily be turned into Misfits lyrics. Easily!

If Danzig was a Pokemon, he could only be a dark/fairy type. He would want to be a ghost/dragon, probably, but let’s be honest here! He’s not terribly spooky or magical as much as he’s allegedly kind of a jerk, great at singing, and always wearing black. Plus he’d have to be a really small Pokemon, since he’s only 5’3″! I know he’s embarrassing and kinda sucks, but like… who among us can resist his thrall when we hear “Last Caress”? Certainly not me.