Persona 5 R Just Got a Short but Official Teaser Trailer

Atlus just dropped a teaser trailer for something called “P5R.” The video doesn’t include much info, but that acronym almost certainly stands for Persona 5 R — which fans speculate is some sort of definitive of the series’ PlayStation 4 RPG. The video implies more information will come in March of next year.

Persona 5 R recently became the subject of speculation when publisher Atlus moved a URL ( to its own servers. The publisher registered the domain way back in 2017. Yet it simply sat on the registrar’s servers until this week. The move prompted much speculation. Although the pet theories involved a definitive edition and, perhaps, a Switch port of Persona 5. The inclusion of Joker, the lead protagonist of Persona 5, in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate only provided fuel for those rumors.

Notably, the P5R teaser includes a PlayStation logo at its start. That implies that — whatever Persona 5 R is — it’s coming to one of Sony’s platforms. And that does track with the series’ history. Every previous main series Persona game has launched on a PlayStation platform and received an update or remake down the line. The last one was Persona 4: The Golden for PlayStation Vita.

It’s also interesting that the P5R trailer mentions “new projects” — plural. That also shouldn’t be too surprising. Persona 3 and Persona 4 have had multiple spin-offs, animes, and crossover games. Persona 5 itself received the rhythm game treatment earlier this year. Its characters also featured in Persona Q2, a dungeon crawling spin-off only released in Japan, just last month. So the PlayStation logo might just mean that some of these upcoming projects are mean for Sony’s consoles (likely just the PlayStation 4).

Finally, while we haven’t confirmed this ourselves, multiple Reddit users say that the Japanese dialogue featured in the trailer also promises more info next March. That certainly feels like a long time to wait. Although it’s reasonable to expect a much longer delay until we have anything substantive. Persona 5 was delayed many times over. And while it reached Japanese players in late 2016, Western fans didn’t get the game until April of 2017.

Persona 5 R teaser

Even with the many delays, Persona 5 was plagued by a below par localization. That was a surprise, however. Atlus usually does stellar work translating its games into English. Hopefully, the troubled production schedule doesn’t impact whatever Persona 5 R might be. Although a new localization and re-recorded dialogue would be nice features for a definitive edition.

And as long as we’re writing our wish list, assuming the P5R trailer is announcing a remake, here’s hoping the game is less restrictive. Persona 5 also notoriously locked players out of doing certain activities at strange times. The game’s mascot character, Morgana, became something of a meme for the way he “forced” the player character to go to bed. That was a big bummer for a Persona game — where you have a limited number of in-game days to see everything.

Whatever P5R might be, though, we’ll be sure to update you with more information as it becomes available.