Overwatch Anniversary Event Ends June 10

The 3 year anniversary event is almost over. The Overwatch Anniversary event, celebrating three years since the game’s launch, is set to end soon on Monday, June 10. This means that time is running out to grab the new skins, voice lines, emotes and sprays released with the event, such as Mei’s Honeydew boba tea vendor skin and Gargoyle Winston.

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Overwatch Anniversary — Cosmetics, Event Schedule

Each seasonal event in Overwatch allows players to acquire items from the past versions of that event, but the Overwatch Anniversary opens up all past collectables. This is quite useful for those who may have missed items from Halloween Terror or Winter Wonderland, which are currently months away. Many of these collectables also come at a reduced cost from when they were first released, such as legendary items going for 1000 credits, down from 3000.

Going away as well are special game modes from the seasonal events. The Anniversary has allowed players to revisit popular games like Lucioball, Junkenstein’s Revenge, and Yeti Hunt, as well as the less popular such as Mei’s Snowball Offensive and Storm Rising. Each game is on a rotating schedule:

  • Wednesday, June 5: Junkenstein’s Revenge
  • Thursday, June 6: Snowball Offensive
  • Friday, June 7: Yeti Hunt
  • Saturday, June 8: Uprising
  • Sunday, June 9: Retribution
  • Monday, June 10: Storm Rising
  • Tuesday, June 11: Lucioball

Achievements are also active for these modes, so anyone who may have missed them in the past has an opportunity to earn them again without waiting for their special holiday.

A Look Back at Overwatch So Far

Overwatch has come a long way in the 3 years since it launched on May 24, 2016.

Launching with 21 heroes, the game now boasts a total of 30. New additions began with healer/sniper Ana, and most recently included Baptiste, added to the roster in March of this year. Overall, Overwatch has added 4 supports, 3 damage dealers, and 2 tanks.

12 maps were available on release and 19 have been added since, split between 9 regular game mode maps, 7 arcade maps, and 3 Lucioball arenas. The 7 arcade mode maps came with new game modes such as Capture the Flag, Elimination, and Deathmatch.

Competitive mode was not added to Overwatch until two months after launch, and initially its ranking system used a 1-100 metric instead of the 1-5000 score that there is today. The “one of each hero per team” rule wasn’t added to Competitive mode until about one month into the first season, and Quick Play didn’t incorporate it until months later.

Over the three years Overwatch has been around it has grown in the esports arena. Blizzard launched the World Cup, a competition for countries to show off their best players, and the “Path to Pro” system where players hope to rise up through ever increasing levels of play. Overwatch hopefuls rise from the Open Division, to Overwatch Contenders, and finally into the Overwatch League, a 20-team league that promises a salary and part of a $5 million USD prize pool.

Overtime for the Overwatch Anniversary

While the official end of the Overwatch Anniversary event is Monday, June 10, events often go until 11am Pacific (18:00 UTC) the day following the official end date. Players should never expect this extra time and plan accordingly, but if the past is any indicator, it’s likely that players will have just a little bit of “overtime” to grab their most-desired items.