No Man’s Sky Getting Visions Update Tomorrow

No Man’s Sky is getting a surprise update tomorrow, on Thanksgiving for us United States folks. The Visions update brings anomalous planet biomes, new life and creatures, the return of different shades of sky and grass, and more. An improved vision of what the universe could contain you might even say.

Better Variety

One of the biggest complaints about No Man’s Sky since Hello Games reset the universe was the lack of diversity. While new universes did offer some rare planet types, most run of the mill planets looked very similar and conservative. Gone were the blue grasses and green skies. The Visions update rectifies a lot of this.

Planets will once again draw from a wider color palette for skies, grass, and water. New anomalous planet biomes bring more variety to a type of planet that was previously predictable. There are also new plants and animals unique to these planets helping lend a more bizarre feeling.

No Man's Sky Visions


Crashed freighters, long viewed as missed potential are now procedurally generated with “dozens” of configurations. Now you’ll have to actually explore to know where the cargo is buried.

There’s also a couple of new types of hazardous flora in Carnivorous trap plants and bloated gas flora.

I already felt bad about mining materials and killing things. Have you ever wanted to do both at the same time? Now you can with “sentient minerals” which will attempt to run away whenever you try to mine from them.

More to Do

There are a ton of things to do in No Man’s Sky and no huge rhyme or reason to do them outside of improving your wealth, customization, or base. Don’t expect Visions to give you that. Rather, it focuses on adding or improving on things that you’d actually expect to see.

Exotic planets now have “otherworldly objects” which can be collected and displayed in your base or freighter.

Hello Games has added Archaeology as well. Collect and complete skeletons and sell them for large sums of credits.

You can now find crashed satellites throughout the universe that can be dismantled for salvageable parts. Normal sentinels won’t mind, but the new corrupted sentinel drones very much might.

No Man's Sky Visions

Storm crystals appear on the most hazardous of planets. It sounds like these can be gathered even when there aren’t storms, but they’ll glow when the bad weather does hit.

If you’ve been completing various missions, you’ll be happy to hear that there are also new community missions which all players must accomplish together. No examples were provided, but a screenshot did show progress towards something called “Community Research.”

We’ll have to see how the update pans out once it’s live. One thing is for sure though. Fans are thankful of the pace at which Hello Games seems to be releasing major updates this year.