Nintendo E3 2019: Super Mario Maker 2 Trailer, Details, & Gameplay

Nintendo’s already shown us a lot of Super Mario Maker 2, and the game is slated to release in few a few weeks, on June 28. But the company will likely have more information in their stream at E3, and the game will be available to play on the show floor.

Super Mario Maker 2 — What We Know

Super Mario Maker 2 is, of course, a follow-up to 2015’s Super Mario Maker for the Wii U. The title lets players generate their own Mario courses in a variety of styles from Mario’s history, from the NES to the DS. New to the sequel is a course style based on Super Mario 3D World, which will be distinct from the other modes and have a number of unique features.

The biggest change from the first title to this Switch follow-up is the inclusion of a story mode. This single-player campaign will offer over 100 original courses for the player to complete, with the goal of rebuilding Princess Peach’s castle.

I’m hoping for Nintendo to announce two things about Super Mario Maker 2. First, I hope they’ll change their decision to disallow playing with friends online. The company’s choice to restrict online play to random matchmaking is kind of baffling, and the response has been overwhelmingly negative, so maybe they’ll step back from it.

Second, I would love to see a Super Mario Bros. 2 theme. It’s not likely, given how different the gameplay of that game was from the rest of the Mario series, but we know that Super Mario 3D World is appearing, so who knows? If Nintendo were going to let slip that there’ll be turnips and Shy Guys in this one, E3 would be the time to do it.

Super Mario Maker 2 — Hands-On Impressions

Super Mario Maker 2 is going to be playable at E3, so we’ll update with our impressions after we’ve gotten our hands on it.