Nintendo E3 2019: Link’s Awakening Trailer, Details, & Gameplay

Nintendo isn’t doing a live press conference at this year’s E3. However, they do have a booth on the show floor and will be streaming previews of new games. One of these titles is Link’s Awakening, a remake of the Game Boy Legend of Zelda title from 1993.

We first heard of the Link’s Awakening remake back in February, when Nintendo announced it via Nintendo Direct. The game is a remake of Link’s first outing on a portable console, which departed from many of the series’ conventions to tell a story closer to a David Lynch joint than a typical Zelda game. Link finds himself shipwrecked on Koholint Island, surrounded by mysterious yet familiar characters. He sets out on a quest to wake the Wind Fish and return home. Adventure ensues!

Aside from the unconventional setting and story for a Zelda game, Link’s Awakening incorporated some new gameplay elements as well. It gave Link the ability to jump using a certain item, mixed in side-scrolling segments, and added mini-games that became mainstays of the series, like fishing.

The updated Switch release revises the game’s original presentation with distinctive, plastic-looking polygonal graphics. This new look makes the game visually distinct from both the previous Link Between Worlds and the Wind Waker-inspired appearance of top-down titles like Four Swords Adventures. Honestly? I’m here for it. Putting a toy-like gloss complete with a tilt-shift on the weird world of Koholint is the perfect way to graphically update the game for a modern console.

Link’s Awakening will be released this year, both on the Switch eShop and as a game card. We don’t have an exact date yet, but Nintendo may disclose it during their presentation.

Link’s Awakening is going to be playable at E3, so we’ll update with our impressions after we’ve gotten our hands on it.