Untitled New Guilty Gear Game Announced at EVO 2019

Heaven or Hell?

More Guilty Gear is on the way from legendary anime fighting game developer Arc System Works, who last weekend revealed the new game at EVO 2019 in Las Vegas. Seen below, the teaser trailer briefly showcases series stalwarts Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske, before giving a 2020 release window and introducing a brand-new, as of yet unnamed character. And yes, there is a new song, and it totally rips.

It looks solid, but there’s a lot we still don’t know about New Guilty Gear, which is what Arc System Works gives as the provisional title on its official website. It’s unclear whether this is a brand-new entry in the series, or another iteration of 2013’s Guilty Gear Xrd, for example. Xrd has been re-released three times at this point, as Guilty Gear Xrd: –SIGN–, –REVELATOR–, and Rev. 2, and while the teaser doesn’t explicitly mention Xrd, it doesn’t not not mention Xrd either, you know?

On the other hand, Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske are both seen wearing new outfits, which is a good indicator that this is, in fact, a brand-new entry in the Guilty Gear franchise. The official website also lists price and platform as “unknown,” which isn’t what you’d expect from an updated version of an existing game. Still, until Arc System Works gets out there and says definitively either way, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. 2020 is still half a year away at the earliest, so who knows what this ends up being. It could be another dang auto chess for all we know. (It won’t be. Or will it? It won’t. Unless …)

If you’re new to the fighting game scene, know that there was a time when the phrase “new Guilty Gear” was spoken only by the saddest of fighting game fans. It was the sort of desperate, impossible wish that people tend to carry in the back of their hearts, where the light is too dim to illuminate the truth — that this delicate thing would never be. These poor souls played BlazBlue and told themselves things like “this is good enough,” or “I can be happy with this,” and some of them, eventually, came to believe their own lies. Such was the way of things, from 2002 until 2013.

And then, Guilty Gear Xrd was announced, and our parched lips knew the gentle kiss of water once again. In this fallen world of exploitation and suffering, we were given a single gift: a new Guilty Gear was real. That was six years ago, and since then Xrd‘s groundbreaking “2D but secretly 3D” technology has gone on to enable other impossible fighting games, such as Dragon Ball FighterZ.

If the people that waited 11 years for new Guilty Gear thought they had it bad, try being a Dragon Ball Z fan and settling for actual garbage like Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 or Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout. People got so desperate they even managed to convince themselves that those Budokai games were good, and comparatively they were, which might be the saddest part. But it wasn’t until FighterZ that Dragon Ball had a digital counterpart worthy of its legacy, and that never would have happened without Guilty Gear.

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