New Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Has EVERYTHING

Tough to say “spoilers” for a 23-year-old game, but the latest trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake absolutely shows you some wild stuff you might want to save for your first playthrough. I’ll also discuss a lot of plot points from the original as a reference point for what you see in the new trailer. Keep in mind that the difference between the original and the remake might actually be fairly significant. If you are going in fresh or don’t want the reminders, turn back now! You’ve been warned!

Square Enix dropped by far its most revealing look at Final Fantasy VII Remake this morning in an almost four-minute trailer. Dubbed the “Theme Song Trailer,” this new look shows us characters and scenes we’re familiar with a this point, starting with a pivotal scene from Cloud and Tifa’s childhood and into a brief confrontation with game antagonist Sephiroth. The titular song is “Hollow,” with music by original Final Fantasy VII composer (and genuine industry legend) Nobuo Uematsu and vocals by Yosh of the Japanese rock band Survive Said The Prophet.

The scenes that follow can be described as “completely buck wild” and provide us a glance at a ton of stuff you’ve either been desperately waiting for or, for those going in fresh (lucky you), completely unfamiliar with. Let’s break it down!

Scarlet FFVII footstool

The Shinra Executives

The Shinra Electric Power Company serves as the main antagonist of the Midgar section of the original game and a major antagonist for everything that happens afterward. Its executives, as one can imagine, are all pieces of work. So far into the development and marketing of the Remake, it’s been unclear how much the executive team would factor into the plot. Thankfully, the entire awful gang appears to be here!

We first see a scene with Midgar urban planner Reeve (Cait Sith’s eventual remote pilot) pleading with President Shinra to not do something terrible that President Shinra was about to do. Heidegger, Shinra’s military-minded public safety executive, makes his first appearance in a Remake trailer by calling Reeve a big baby or whatever. We shift to Scarlet, who runs the Weapons Development Department, watching a materia experiment from a puffy leather chair while using a member of her security detail as an ottoman. Now THAT’S character development, baby.


Personal favorite Palmer, laughably in charge of space exploration, gets a reveal next, walking and talking with a cup of tea and scoffing at the idea that he’d ever run out of butter in the most obnoxious way possible. The remake is leaning all the way in on Palmer and the rest of the executives being the absolute dirt worst, which I couldn’t be more excited about. Eventually, we see scientist Hojo watching Cloud on surveillance video. Hojo is arguably the most important member of the Shinra elite given his very close connection to the central plot of the entire saga.


The extremely good boy Red XIII makes his debut in the latest trailer. You had to figure it was a matter of time given his rescue from Shinra Headquarters in the original, but it wasn’t clear how he’d factor into the remake. He speaks in a soft voice, which gets a hilarious reaction out of Tifa. We don’t see him in combat, but he’s got his signature flaming tail. Imagine being a hotel manager in that world watching Cloud bring a huge talking dog with a permanently engulfed tail into the lobby.

The Wall Market



Video games are good, actually.

It appears that the Wall Market section of Final Fantasy VII Remake is in fact robust as hell. Not only have we seen in previous trailers that the many quests to obtain the perfect items to make Cloud as pretty as possible are in tact, but we see our first real look at the Honey Bee Inn and its talented staff. I suspect the twenty seconds or so dedicated to Cloud’s makeover, the voiceover of Tifa pleading “but you’re so pretty” when Cloud doesn’t want to talk about it, the makeover dance number in the Inn, the manager whispering “perfection” half an inch from Cloud’s face, the ribbons in Aerith’s hair, and the walk toward Don Corneo’s mansion across the smokey Wall Market have completely broken my Twitter timeline.

I can’t wait to spend 83% of my playthrough here.

Final Fantasy VII Remake soldier

Remaining Questions

Who’s the angry random motorcycle soldier who came directly from Aloy’s stylist? I have theories that are total conjecture, but it does appear to be someone from Cloud’s past coming to settle a score.

How many summons do we actually get in this game? If you recall, you don’t get a single summon materia in the original game’s Midgar (the first you can grab is Choco/Mog from the farm near Midgar). We’ve already seen Ifrit, but in this trailer we see the aforementioned Choco/Mog in combat along with Leviathan. Leviathan is interesting because that’s collected quite a time after leaving Midgar. We also briefly caught a glance at a melee weapon for Barrett, proving that he won’t only be a ranged fighter as he’s typically portrayed in media after the original game.

Do we leave Midgar at all? Common speculation is that this game will only stay in Midgar and leave the rest of the world to later installments. But there’s Jenova in a place that definitely doesn’t look like Midgar. There’s the sunset bridge at the end of the motorcycle chase that propels the crew out into the wide world. It’s possible you fight Jenova in the remake in the Shinra Building. Maybe the containment tank of hers is way, way bigger than the original game would suggest. We don’t know!

What’s the smokey ghost stuff enveloping the Shinra Building? No but really what is that? I don’t even have a good guess. We’ll find out when the game releases worldwide on April 10, 2020.

Are you excited about Final Fantasy VII Remake? Let us know what you’re psyched about, confused about, etc. Did I get anything wrong here? What was your favorite part of the trailer?