Morning Stack: God, It’s Been a Busy Old Week Already

Enough about me... Let's talk about some other folks!

It’s been a short, busy week here at the ol’ Fanbyte Artistic Reaction Terminal. As such, I don’t have much I’m allowed to write about until next week. I did, however, write and edit some cool stuff lately that you should definitely look at before long. So I think I’ll take a bite out of Fanbyte Brand Editor+ Niki Grayson’s style and shout out some of our other stuff on the site. Just in case you’ve missed it! It’s all very good; I promise.

My one, true personal pick is this interview with FFXIV Director Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida. I got to edit the wonderful peak into the game’s next expansion, Endwalker, by Fanbyte Featured Contributor Natalie Flores. Which means I got to know all the cool news before the rest of you. 


Seriously, it’s another great interview feature about the game with some incisive questions. Natalie and I are both very excited about Endwalker (as she was so kind to mention in the piece). The biggest takeaway is that the lead writer for Shadowbringers, the previous and arguably best FFXIV expansion, is also taking over this chapter. Speaking of writing, I too have an interview going up next week about a completely unrelated topic. That’s the thing I can’t talk about. You should keep an eye out for that, though. Clicks give me brain juice.

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If you want to hear us talk more, specifically, about FFXIV, just mosey on over to 99 Potions. It’s an RPG podcast I do with Natalie, our boss John Warren, and usually a guest or two. We had Mike Williams of PCMag (formerly US Gamer) with us to chat about our expectations for Endwalker. Mike has a great radio voice. I think mine is pretty good, to be honest, but his is just sublime. Go download it. Maybe put it on while you sleep or something.

I’m being told this isn’t the only popular MMO on the market, though. That seems weird, because I just spent 90 percent of a four-day weekend playing it. But there’s this other thing called World of Warcraft that seems pretty cool. In fact, Fanbyte has a much cooler and more popular sister site called Wowhead. They do some of the very best WoW coverage out there. That includes leaked Blizzconline details (that’s literally what they’re calling it this year) by our very own Perculia.

Speaking of big, chunky stacks of details, I’d like to welcome our new News Editor in the most official way possible — by shouting him out in this stupid column I write. Imran Khan joined the staff this week. He really hit the ground running, too. By “the ground” I of course mean this week’s Nintendo Direct that you might have missed. Imran wrote up the all biggest news of the day in a major way. And I do mean all of the day’s news.

ffxiv endwalker

My personal favorite blurb from the Direct, by the way, was another look at Monster Hunter Rise. Besides FFXIV that game is basically all I want in my life. The “Rampage Trailer” showed off, you guessed it, the Rampage. This is apparently a big deal in the story of Rise. Capcom has been tight-lipped about it until now, but the trailer shows a siege-like experience that reminds me of Lao-Shan Lung and Zorah Magdaros from previous games.

There were also new monsters and “new” monsters. Almudron (a big mud dragon) and Rakna-Kadaki (a webbed-up pelican spider) are brand new to the series. But we also saw Rajang, Rathian, Basarios, Volvidon, and Diablos. These hadn’t been confirmed for Monster Hunter Rise just yet, but they do a great job of rounding out the roster. You can be damn sure I’m excited for lots of variety in the new game.

I have to go talk about Super Mario 3D World now, but I’ll be back again with my usual, more personal update next Thursday on Morning Stack. If you like this kind of curated look back at the week, however, you should subscribe to our newsletter. It’s written by the aforementioned Niki. It’s also a lot funnier than what I write — seeing as Niki is one of the funniest people I know — and it’s where I stole the idea for this week’s article.

Stay safe and always expect the worst!