Monster Hunter: World Winter Festival 2019 Details – Winter Ticket & Events

The Winter Star Fest brings all kinds of fun things to Monster Hunter!

Monster Hunter: World isn’t being stingy in the run to Iceborne, its first major expansion! Capcom is celebrating the September update by bringing back every seasonal event in Monster Hunter up to this point. This includes the Winter Festival, or Winter Star Fest, and all the benefits that includes. But what does this event bring this week? What’s different about the Winter Festival compared to all the other events that have come before it in Monster Hunter: World this month? Let’s take a look and find out!

The short answer to the previous question is “not much.” Nearly every seasonal event in MHW also brings back every major event quest: limited time missions with unique or enhanced rewards. Since the spring, summer, autumn, winter, and Appreciation Fest events are all playing back to back, most of the missions you can access right now have been around for weeks. And they will continue to be available until one week before the release date of Iceborne. In other words, they end on Aug. 29, 2019. Whereas Monster Hunter: World – Iceborne launches on Sept. 6 of this same year.

UPDATE (12/19/19): The Winter Star Fest is available again this year. It runs from Dec. 20, 2019 00:00 (UTC) to Jan. 5, 2020 23:59 (UTC). With the release of Iceborne, it now runs concurrently with the Holiday Joy Fest, and is available to all players — even if you don’t own the expansion.

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Limited Time Challenge & Event Quests – Winter Festival 2019

There are a few, more limited event quests peppered over the month, though. Mosswinin’ and Dinin’ in particular was only available for two days across all platforms (consoles and PC). In it, players had to kill five massively over-sized pigs that dealt one-hit kills. The reward was an incredible amount of money (more than 50,000 zenny) in addition to goodies like Hard Armor Spheres. That one is sadly finished, for now, but don’t worry. If it’s like every other Monster Hunter: World event quest, it will be back at some point.

The only other missions you need to worry about expiring early are Challenge Quest 2: Intermediate and Challenge Quest 1: Expert. These are challenge quests, as the names imply, and force you to fight monsters using preset armor and weapons. They’re basically just a nice source of Arena Coins and bragging rights. They also end on Aug. 22, right when the Winter Star Fest 2019 closes, so don’t sleep on them if you’re interested.

UPDATE (12/19/19): Challenge Quest 2 will return again on Dec. 26 and expires on Jan. 2, 2020. At that time, Challenge Quest 1 will become available, and run until Jan. 9, 2020.

As for normal event quests, there are a few worth mentioning. This is probably your last, best chance to hunt all those Arch-Tempered Elder Dragons before Iceborne for one. And “The Name’s Lavasioth” is a particularly great way to farm decorations in Monster Hunter: World. The titular monster spews out feystones as you fight it, in addition to dropping at least two ultra rare Warped Feystones at the end of every battle. A similar event, “The Greatest Jagras,” will also rotate back into MHW when the Winter Festival ends and the Appreciation Fest begins.

Monster Hunter Winter Fest 2019 1

Winter Ticket & Other Rewards – Winter Festival 2019

The star of the show during the Winter Festival in MHW is the Winter Star Ticket. This is a unique crafting material you get from a couple different sources. You get one for free as a login bonus every day during the winter themed event. These are the same ones you could have got (or missed) during Winter Star Festival 2018, too. So if you don’t need any more, don’t worry about them! And if you didn’t get enough last time, hop to it!

As an added incentive to snag them, however, there’s an extra surprise in everyone’s login bonus during this event. You’ll get two Lucky Vouchers per day instead of just one. These useful items double the amount of in-game money (zenny) you receive at the end of a successful mission. They also very slightly increase reward drop rates. They are, put simply, extremely useful to have around. Although you can only hold five Lucky Vouchers at one time. Better start spending them!

Speaking of daily rewards, Monster Hunter players will also find four new Limited Bounties waiting for them every day instead of just every week. These offer the usual rewards: Armor Spheres and Gold Wyverian Prints. But you can get many, many more than usual since the bounties refresh daily. And besides the basic rewards, you also get one Winter Star Ticket per Limited Bounty completed.

You probably don’t need that many to craft the Winter Star Fest (Orion) armor and Palico gear. However, the tickets are also useful fodder at the Elder Melder. You can dissolve them in exchange for hard-to-craft items. Personally, I love to turn these and other low priority crafting materials into Mega Demondrug and Mega Armorskin potions. You may find a better use for them, however.

Oh. You get some fireworks (for purely cosmetic and celebratory purposes), too. That’s fun.

Monster Hunter Winter Fest 2019 1

Seasonal Platter & Celestial Pursuit Changes – Winter Festival 2019

Finally we come to the Celestial Pursuit. If you’re not familiar with the name, that’s because Monster Hunter: World only trots out the fancy name during these Astera Fest events. “Celestial Pursuit” is just another name for the Gathering Hub: that location above Astera proper where you can run around with other players.

There are a couple minor reasons to visit this location during the Winter Festival. The first is purely cosmetic. Entering the Celestial Pursuit during any Monster Hunter: World festival will temporarily change the look of your Handler back in Astera. This week, she has a warm and furry outfit — not exactly well suited for jungles and volcanoes. Next week she gets a cat suit, but… maybe not the kind you’re expecting. You can also purchase any of these Handler costumes permanently with real money.

The Gathering Hub itself also has a different look, for when you hang out there. Each festival themes the area in accordance with the season. This being “winter,” that means everything looks decked out with vague holiday spirit… in August. Well, it’s probably cold out there somewhere in the world. The nameless NPCs in this area also get their own, less obvious winter costumes in solidarity with the Handler.

Lastly we have the seasonal platter. This is a special kind of food you can only order while in the Gathering Hub. It’s also largely identical to a Chef’s Choice Platter — in that it gives you 50 extra hit points and 50 extra stamina for the next quest you undertake after eating it. It also has the highest activation chance for food skills (three stars). The only major difference is that the seasonal platter has a fixed buff. You get a medium attack and small elemental resistance buff every time you partake. That’s not too terrible if you’re low on in-game foods or Ancient Potions. High level Monster Hunter players will probably have better alternatives, however.

And that’s about it for the Winter Festival in Monster Hunter: World! We’ll be back this Thursday with details about the Appreciation Fest and its respective goodies. Until then, however, take care and have fun getting ready for Iceborne!


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