I Watched Rajang Really Give it to a Bunch of Hunters But Good in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is the first and only game in the series I’ve played, so I don’t have any associations with Rajang, the newest creature being added to the game. But if what I saw at New York Comic Con yesterday is any indication, any hunters looking to take it down are gonna have a bad time.

See, a lot of monsters you hunt in Monster Hunter games are large and relatively slow, or at least predictable. They have clear tells you can learn that let you know when to attack and when to pull back. Even the fiercest monsters indicate when they’re about to drop their deadliest attacks. But Rajang… Rajang, man.

Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Rajang

Remember Dragon Ball GT? No? It’s the one where Vegeta got a mustache and an alien named Baby possessed everyone on the planet. Yeah, it was kind of a mess. But at one point, the Baby-controlled Vegeta turns into a Golden Great Ape — basically a combination of the gold-haired Super Saiyan transformation and the giant monkey form he and other Saiyans sometimes took back in Dragon Ball Z.

Well, Rajang does that. He literally growls and his hair stands up and turns golden and he loses his goddamn mind like you just killed his tiny bald best friend right in front of his stupid face. And when he does, he starts leaping around everywhere, smashing hunters with his fists and scorching them with lightning breath. No word yet on whether it’ll have access to the Spirit Bomb-style attack it deployed in Monster Hunter Frontier.

The people at the Capcom booth were keeping track of how many victories players claimed over Rajang during the day. When I showed up around 4 PM, only one team had taken it down. Even with a higher than usual amount of revives available, dozens fell to this angry monkey.

Now sure, this was four uncoordinated players taking on a brand new monster. Plus, the battle was set in the Arena, where there isn’t much space to run and hide or heal when things get rough. But still, it was brutal. Rajang seems like a monster that doesn’t give you much breathing room, and I can’t wait to take it on when Monster Hunter World adds it — as well as a new volcanic region — as a free content update to Iceborne on October 10.

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