It’s Release Season But All I Want to Play is This Switch Mobile Port

Destiny 2’s Shadowkeep expansion comes out in less than a week. After that, October’s bringing The Outer Worlds, Luigi’s Mansion 3, and Modern Warfare. And yet, all I can think about right now is a port of a mobile game called Minesweeper Genius that I got for a dollar on the Switch eShop.

I came across Minesweeper Genius on a hazy, late-night trawl of the eShop. It’s not often that I’ll buy games sight unseen, but something about the clean design and description as a blend of games like Sudoku and Picross drew me in. Minutes later, I found myself completely taken in.

It’s not Minesweeper, exactly. Instead of trying to clear a board of mines using clues, you’re helping a man named Aristotle escape an alien minefield. Why does Aristotle have an exposed brain? Is he supposed to be the Aristotle? Why does he literally sweep the path he takes with a broom? Don’t worry about it.

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There’s no guessing, just carefully thinking through which spaces are safe based on the information the game gives you. And each level is short enough that last night I found myself in that dangerous “oh, just one more” loop. Once I finish the campaign, I’ll probably mess around with the custom level generator, which builds out extra maps to your specifications.

Could I play this on my phone? Absolutely, except I hate playing games on my phone. I know, it’s 2019 and Apple Arcade just came out. But on my Switch I’ll never be distracted by messages, Twitter, or the internet. I can just curl up in a chair and help a brain man navigate an alien deathtrap.

So yes, I’m very excited about exploring the mysteries of the Hive when Shadowkeep launches next week. But until then — and likely for a while after — I’ll be sweeping mines like it’s 1993.