Let Yuna from Final Fantasy X Perform at the Super Bowl, Cowards

A true hero who will put on the show we all deserve.

Tonight’s the night of the 54th Super Bowl, and while some people are tuning in to see the game, some just want to see what commercials companies spent actual millions of dollars to put in front of the audience of several million people, and some just want to tune into see the halftime show, which brings in a huge star (or more) to put on a spectacular show for the masses.

This year it’s Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. A powerful duo who is sure to entertain and make their mark on the Super Bowl’s legacy. But you know what? The Super Bowl can do better. How about instead of these huge stars with all their multi million-selling albums and decades of star power and experience, we book a true pop icon?

I’m talking about High Summoner Yuna.

Yeah, you might know her best from Final Fantasy X, where she was a summoner fighting Sin alongside her underwater soccer playing boyfriend Tidus, but Yuna is also an established and talented performer of excellent pop songs.

In Final Fantasy X-2, the actual best Final Fantasy game to grace a modern console (it has been ported to everything under the sun at this point), Yuna (or someone in her likeness, as it’s revealed) is seen in the very first cutscene performing for the citizens of Spira. The song she performs is called “Real Emotion,” and it’s a bop and a half.

So right off the bat we know that Yuna has a song to get the crowd at the Hard Rock Stadium on their feet and dancing. But you can’t just come in to a Super Bowl halftime show with just an aforementioned bop and a half. You need that slow, quiet, contemplative song that will get everyone to pull out their phones and sway along. Yuna, the multitalented goddess that she is, has one of those too.

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What did Yuna do when she needed to bring the various factions of Spira together? She performed the iconic anthem “1000 Words.” And yeah, maybe the weird magical technology of Final Fantasy X-2’s universe got a little messy and exposed the entire audience to footage of what looks like might have been an attempt at a war crime, but you know, everybody makes mistakes and that was admittedly not Yuna’s fault. I’m sure she could have stuff in place to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

So let’s do the direct comparison between Yuna and the Super Bowl performers of old.

Last year Maroon 5 performed, but tell me: has Adam Levine defeated Sin and ended the religion that has oppressed and lied to the citizens of Spira. Before that, Justin Timberlake put on the halftime show, but has the former boy band frontman turned repeated harasser of his ex-girlfriend Britney Spears ever selflessly put his life on the line to save his people believing it would inevitably result in his death? Will Yuna have a performance that will bring a meme as powerful as Katy Perry’s “Left Shark” backup dancer did? We won’t know until we let her get up on that stage.

Yuna is a true hero who can also perform music that slaps and is the Super Bowl halftime performer we deserve. Wake up, America.