How Will Skills and Decorations Work in Monster Hunter Rise?

It looks like we're getting the best of both worlds in the Switch release.

Monster Hunter Rise carries forward a lot of the best elements from Monster Hunter World. One way it embraces tradition, however, is by crafting decorations. These skill gems are back in the same manner as the older games — by allowing you to create your own without worrying about random drops. That’s great news for older fans. Hunting down just one ultra rare Attack Jewel was a huge pain for some.

Those same players might be worried about another blast from the past: the skill system. Prior to MHW, skills were an all or nothing affair. You had to pump multiple levels into a particular skill — like Divine Blessing — onto your loadout to see any benefit at all. The upside was that crafted decorations could come in different levels. The downside is that these then took up multiple slots. In this writer’s opinion, it wasn’t as elegant as the MHW system eventually turned out.

Note: This information is based on prerelease interviews, video, and details shared by Capcom. We’ll be keeping an eye on Monster Hunter Rise leading up to launch to provide extra details and context. The information below is subject to change until then.

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This doesn’t appear to be the case in Monster Hunter Rise. Footage Capcom shared with Fanbyte shows the same sized-based decoration slots seen in MHW. The Hunter’s Helm S, as seen above, sports a single Level 2 decoration slot. That would imply the jewels once again take up different slot types based on the skill itself, rather than granular levels of gems for each individual skill.

In laymen’s terms, this looks like the best of both worlds. It’s confirmed that Monster Hunter Rise will allow players to craft their own decorations. At the same time, players should be able to put together more unique loadouts with lots of levels in different skills — or min-max down certain paths. Just like we did in MHW. Though it’s not currently clear what kinds of materials will go into crafting these jewels.

It’s also unclear how charms will factor into Monster Hunter Rise. Capcom has kept this intentionally secret so far. Thought it was essentially a reverse of the decoration situation in past games. Charms (invisible armor pieces that come with certain skills built in) were randomized and needed to be farmed prior to MHW. Mostly you mined them out of ore outcrops. Whereas they were simply crafted in the series’ previous entry.

The Monster Hunter Rise demo didn’t include charms at all. Instead, that armor slot was taken up by the Petalace. These bracelets include their own stats, like defense and extra stamina, but not skills.

We know charms with actual skills make a return. While it’s called a talisman (the series’ name for older, randomized charms) one of the items is included as a pre-order bonus for Monster Hunter Rise. And despite the name, this Novice Talisman mentions Critical Eye Level 1 as a perk. The text matches the stats of Critical Eye Level 1 in MHW. Which seems to support the idea that skills, while available via crafting, will otherwise work like they did in the last game. It’s

Odds are we’ll know a whole lot more on March 8, 2021. Capcom will hold a “Monster Hunter Digital Event” stream then with further details about the game. We’ll just have to sit tight and clutch our Attack Jewels tightly until then.


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