‘Heaven Official’s Blessing’ Is On Netflix Now So You No Longer Have An Excuse Not To Watch It

Please watch my favorite show.

Heaven Official’s Blessing, the xianxia donghua based on the web-novel of the same name, is on Netflix now, but I’m looking at you, I’m looking into your eyes, and I can see that you are still not watching it.

Why not?

You like animation. You like fantasy. You like it when guys fly around and fall in love. Heaven Official’s Blessing has all that and more. I’m looking into your soul and I know that you like these things. Why are you wasting both your time and mine?

I told you how to watch it when it premiered on Funimation, I mentioned it as one of my favorite things of 2020, and still you did not watch it. But as of the weekend, it’s on Netflix in the United States, so you can and should absolutely just hit play on that sucker.

Why should you? Well, let me remind you what it’s about by quoting myself:

Terminally unlucky, irrepressibly optimistic Xie Lian attains godhood for the third time after having been fired and banished twice (yes you can be fired from being a god) and finds himself caught up in unraveling a web of intrigue and secrets that haunt the seemingly idyllic halls of heaven. Xie Lian isn’t quite sure what the deal is with the mysterious— but also sexy— San Lang being so nice to him all the time, but he’s sure he’ll figure it out eventually.

I’ve read a fan translation of the book and can guarantee that this story is the perfect blend of fantasy epic and queer romance you’ve been looking for ever since you wondered why Frodo and Sam didn’t seal the deal. The donghua adaptation is beautifully animated, well-voiced and extremely compelling.

What are you even doing instead? Refreshing your inbox? Thinking about learning how to knit? Trust me on this one. You’re going to like this show.

Then @ me about it because I want to have more people to talk to about Hualian.