Guinness World Record Set for ‘Most People Performing a Dragon Ball Kamehameha’

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As part of a publicity stunt that was, in my opinion, too dangerous to even attempt, the Guinness World Record for “Most People Performing a Dragon Ball Kamehameha” was set yesterday at San Diego Comic Con. The officially sanctioned world record attempt was hosted by Bandai and Toei Animation, in celebration of Dragon Ball Z‘s 30th anniversary. Unbelievably, no one was harmed when 786 people simultaneously loosed the devastating Kamehameha wave; a martial arts technique developed over a period of 50 years by the legendary Turtle Hermit, Muten Rōshi. Each participant received a complimentary scouter, though no information has been released regarding the average power level at the event, or whose power level reached the highest point.

“We were happy to provide our industry-leading power level scouters for the event,” said Capsule Corporation President and CEO Bulma Briefs. “This display of global unification through a shared love of martial arts strikes at one of Capsule’s core beliefs, which is that humanity is strongest when fighting together.”

Mr. Satan, World Martial Arts Champion and beloved savior of humanity, shared similar (if less enthusiastic) views on the event: “Gotta hand it to ’em, those parlor tricks get more convincing every time,” Mr. Satan said in an e-mail statement to Fanbyte. “But hey, whatever keeps the kids interested in martial arts, brother!”

The Kamehameha wave (colloquially referred to simply as a “Kamehameha”) is performed by concentrating one’s latent energy into a single point between two cupped hands. That energy is then expelled in a unidirectional beam once the hands are opened, often to great effect. (In extremely rare cases, advanced users have been able to perform the Kamehameha with only one hand, but this is highly-technical application of the technique is remarkably dangerous, and generally should not be attempted.) The strength of the Kamehameha depends on the overall strength of the person creating it, but it is possible for several Kamehameha beams to join together and form a single, more powerful beam, when necessary.

Once heard of only in legends, the Kamehameha technique came to prominence after the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament, where two disciples of Muten Rōshi performed the attack in front of a global audience for the first time. Other participants in the World Martial Arts Tournament were able to reverse engineer the technique from what they had witnessed, which lead to the eventual dissemination of the Kamehameha wave to a larger number of capable martial artists.

Still, the number of people capable of successfully performing the Kamehameha technique is comparatively very small. Even with 786 participants at the Guinness World Record attempt, that’s still only 0.00001 percent of the Earth’s population. And while Mr. Satan (Earth’s mightiest warrior) has thus far been able to protect us from global threats like the Androids and Cell, it’s truly sobering to know just how few people can even begin to approach his stature. If, heaven forbid, a threat were to arise that even Mr. Satan could not handle, 786 weaker martial artists may not be enough to make up the difference.

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