For Every Copy This Game Sells, The Dev Will Drink a Glass of Water

Every morning, I head over to Steam and check the new releases list. While the charts are frequently bloated with generic-looking RPGs and embarrassing porn games, occasionally something weird catches my eye. Recently, that something was Each Sale I Drink a Glass of Water, a game by Bmc Studio — also known as Alain Lagacé. The game’s odd title was enough to hook me, and its description reeled me in. “The game/experiment is in Early Access for one year,” it reads, “and every time someone buys it, I will record myself drinking a glass of water and add it to the game.” I had to know more.

Bmc Studio’s Steam page is full of titles that look a lot like Each Sale I Drink a Glass of Water. Games like Coughing SimulatorA Wild Time Travelling Clone Dancing, and Dabman: When the Haters Dab Back are all full-motion video games starring Lagacé and his friends. These games are closer in tone and playstyle to the 3DO’s “interactive movies” like Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties than more well-known titles of the same era like Night Trap and Double Switch. Playing these games involves watching some live-action antics, then simply clicking an on-screen choice to decide how things move forward. Some have narratives that recall early 2000s Newgrounds “random” humor, while others are more straightforward. Each Sale I Drink a Glass of Water falls into that latter category.

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Each Sale I Drink a Glass of Water

“Some people like my games and think they are funny,” Lagacé tells me via DMs, “some people hate them and want me to be removed from Steam… [but] most people are having fun with it! And that’s what matters.”

So what does Each Sale I Drink a Glass of Water actually entail? Well, it’s pretty much what the name suggests. Lagacé keeps track of each sale of the game on Steam and records himself drinking a glass of water for each one. As of today, he’s drank 200 glasses of water since the game’s release in late May, which adds up to over three hours of video. Sometimes he’s wearing a revolting hat, sometimes he’s lounging beside a pool, and sometimes he’s fulfilling a reviewer’s request for a shoutout. Each Friday, he updates the game with that week’s videos. And don’t worry — he’s careful to space out his water intake to avoid the risk of water intoxication, which infamously claimed the life of a participant in an ill-considered contest to win a Wii back in 2007.

It’s hard to know what to make of Lagacé’s project. It would be easy to dismiss it as a dumb joke, or even to indict it as the kind of low-effort experiment that only white men can get away with in games. All I know is that an FMV fan and a frequent Steam browser, I’d take a thousand weird, stupid little projects like Each Sale I Drink a Glass of Water over even one more hentai sliding block puzzle or indistinguishable shoot em-up on the platform.