I’m Glad Fortnite is So Chill in 2022

Playing Fortnite on Switch is a painless, colorful, surprisingly chill experience.

Last week, I decided to download Fortnite on my Switch and make it a regular game in my rotation. I’ve been playing during the work day, jumping into a match between meetings and other tasks, and I’m delighted to say, it fits my schedule (and my mood) like a glove. It’s become a really fun, genuinely chill pastime and reset for me, and something I look forward to throughout the day.

I’ll admit, when I decided to jump back in after four years, I had very different expectations. I was never super into it, or good at it, but I recalled the main mode being a fairly intense game, very much the battle royale (albeit with building elements) that took all the way off, a cartoony-but-competitive counterpart to PUBG. I basically had visions of pre-teen-to-college aged (mostly) dudes spamming dance emotes and one-shotting newbs, and expected to get crushed repeatedly.

Oh, how wonderfully wrong I was. After a few matches, I started to understand that the real fun here is being on a massive, colorful playground, with plenty of little activities to do. I don’t even fuck with combat until I’m at the end of a round, with fewer than ten participants left. Until then, I’m enjoying all my “vibin” quests, hanging out in Reality Falls, harvesting reality seeds, tagging old 10 outposts with peace signs, and the like. There’s even story content! I’m not saying I’m about to dive into any deep lore, but jumping in and doing a few quests is basically perfect for my use case: it’s directed enough to make me feel like I have plenty to do in this big, vibrant world, while letting me go at my own pace. 

If I do well enough, then, sure, I’ll happily head to the smaller circles and engage with the battle royale more traditionally. And no, I haven’t won yet, but I’ve made it to the top three a few times, which — not putting in a ton of effort or having any real skill to speak of — confirms that most folks in this mode are also basically just chilling and having fun.

This isn’t to say there’s no competitive play — certainly, there are actual competitions and professionals on another plane of existence in this world. For me, I’m just so glad that it was nice and accessible to slide back into, and very easy to enjoy without much frustration.

Fortnite Spray Peace Sprays 4

Anecdotally, I’ve heard multiple people tell me it’s a fun thing they play with their kids (again, as opposed to a hyper competitive experience). When I mentioned I was assigning myself the game as a bit of a beat, Senior Managing Editor Steven Strom encouragingly told me the main game has evolved very much to be a fun place for folks to kind of “mash their toys together” in a playful, goofy way. I kind of love that, and love that the overall structure (particularly with quests and the overall world and level design) supports a lot of freedom, with plenty of little tasks to keep you moving along.

I’m at the point where I’m excited for the scheduled resets and new quests. I’ve even hung out with Darth Vader a few times, and I’m curious about what Indiana Jones will add to the whole vibe (honestly, though, I’m not sure if anyone born after 1995 knows who he is?) Indeed, maybe he’s there for the parents who enjoy playing Fortnite with their kids. Either way, I’ve learned to relax, enjoy, and embrace the Fortnite chill.