Fanwidth Episode 023: Only the Bad Pokemon, Please

Niki is unfortunately down with the sickness (i.e. laryngitis) this week. So merritt and Steven are back up to their old tricks with a two-person podcast. Of course, without any positive influences to keep them on track this week, things immediately go off the rails. Listen up, everyone! Because it’s time to talk about Lego Dimensions, our “favorite” Pokemon, and other things nobody cares about.

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Be sure to check back every Wednesday for another roughly 60 (or even 120) minutes of pure audio goodness. And hey! If you’ve already read this far, why don’t you head on over to iTunes and give Fanwidth a rating and review? It really does help (seriously) and would mean the absolute world to us. And if you like our show, or have suggestions and questions for next episode, leave a comment below! Steven reads all of them and just might mention your query in the future.

Discussed on this episode: Destiny 2, Lego Dimensions, Picross S, Konami Pixel Puzzle, Contra

Our intro and outro music is “Namasteee” by Fasion, acquired through Epidemic Sound.


Steven Strom

Senior Managing Editor of Fanbyte. Everyone else at the site should listen to their recommendations sooner, honestly.

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