Fanwidth Episode 018: The Soul Warriors

It's Pokemon vs. Digimon, in the worst way possible!

We’re just days away from E3 (as Niki won’t stop reminding us), but that doesn’t mean there’s no news! Merritt, Steven, and Niki dive deep into the Death Stranding trailer this week. Finally, we can decide which Hideo Kojima character has the best name! Then we talk about some video games that are actually out, before going off about… Digimon. I guess.

All this and more on another episode of Fanwidth, the Fanbyte games podcast!

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Discussed on this episode: Final Fantasy XIV, Destiny 2, Pokemon, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Picross S, Moonlighter. 

Our intro and outro music is “Namasteee” by Fasion, acquired through Epidemic Sound.