Fanwidth 003: Crank It Up With Apex Legends

Welcome once again to Fandwidth. It’s your official Fanbyte podcast about fandom, culture, the world, and frequently even video games. It’s a lot of fun and usually pretty informative. And this week, we really do our best to inform you about how we feel about the Activision Blizzard layoffs. Sadly, we recorded before the atrocious events fully developed, but you can read more of our thoughts about the awful situation here. For now, though, Steven still can’t stop playing Apex Legends — despite the fact that he doesn’t usually love battle royale games. Meanwhile, merritt is watching Russian Doll, but… We talk about the 2006 Jason Statham movie Crank instead. Oh, and … Continue reading Fanwidth 003: Crank It Up With Apex Legends