Fallout 76 is Live Now

In a surprise move ahead of tomorrow’s planned release date, Bethesda has apparently launchedĀ Fallout 76. It’s playable now.


Despite posting the following image, Bethesda’s latest entry in theĀ Fallout series is at least playable on Playstation 4 and PC in the United States. We’re still confirming Xbox One and other locations. The first rumblings of the game being live happened this morning at around 9am PST. Folks have been playing the full game on Twitch since this morning.fallout 76 launch times

This move comes hot off the heels of EA launchingĀ Battlefield V a full day early. Whether it’s a blip or a trend, I guess we ought to start expecting major online releases to be playable a full 12-24 hours early.

Though Bethesda’s social accounts haven’t made a peep about the early launch as of 3pm PST, we can confirm not only is the game playable for us but we’ve seen lots of other folks in our servers, too. No one hostile! Yet. Confusing Twitter chatter between Bethesda’s support account and others seemed to indicate some folks are having trouble getting in.

fallout 76 pip boy america

We went hands-on with the B.E.T.A. a few weeks ago, nothing that it’s a familiar and unfamiliar experience. It’s not really quite like anything we’ve played, which can’t be anything but good, right? It’s also super buggy, because how can Bethesda show up to a party without a suitcase full of bugs?

We’ve been playing the full game on PC and Playstation 4 today at the office and it’s been interesting! It’s not without its certain…charms, but we’ll be playing a lot more over the next few days to give you the final word on what you can expect from this bizarre experiment.

Make sure you tune in here or over at our Twitch channel. We streamed a bit today and will continue to pop in for solo and group streams every week. Have fun in the Wasteland!