Fallout 76 Players Stage Their Own Murder Mystery Night

Clue has seen its fair share of reinterpretations over the years. There have been countless licensed versions of the board game and even a film adaptation starring Tim Curry and Madeline Kahn. Something I never expected to see, however, was a version of the game staged inside of Fallout 76. But that’s exactly what I discovered when I stumbled across a fun community stream on Mixer, organized by FalloutFrosty and BeardedIAm.

Taking advantage of the game’s camp mechanic, the two designed a mansion and invited some of their friends over to solve a murder. The way it worked was not too dissimilar to the original game of Clue. Each of their guests took on the role of a different character from the board game and took turns investigating each room. They then had to accuse one of their fellow players of the crime and guess the murder weapon and location from a list they’d been given ahead of time.

Unlike the original, however, all of these weapons were items you’d find in Fallout 76. These include the rolling pin, the “Commie Whacker,” the drill, the gamma gun, and the Mr Handy Buzzblade. Players would also be able to respond to accusations with an alibi to prove their innocence, and the butler, played by BeardedIAm, would drop a new clue with every turn.

When players were confident enough that they had solved the murder, they could then present their findings to the rest of the group. But any players that guessed incorrectly would be swiftly electrocuted and eliminated from the game.

It’s a neat idea for an event, with the mansion build in particular being an impressive way of adapting the game’s board. It had all the different rooms that you’d expect from a murder mystery event, including a study, a lounge, and a billiard room for the participants to sleuth around in. 

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Cracking The Case

That’s not to say there weren’t some slight issues with the event. As it got underway, a group of NPC protectrons and super mutants descended upon the mansion, managing to destroy one of its exterior walls in the process. A Scorchbeast also threatened to scupper proceedings at one point, before a brave wastelander volunteered to chase it away.

The mystery took roughly two hours to solve in total, with several of the guests being eliminated after incorrect guesses. The winner in the end was Jackofhares who was playing Colonel Mustard. He correctly managed to identify the murderer from the group and, as a reward, took home the grand prize of one perfectly preserved pie (a luxury in the apocalypse) and 5000 caps.

This isn’t the only event that FalloutFrosty has put on. Previously, she also hosted a version of Family Feud within Fallout 76 called Wasteland Feud, gathering some friends together on a makeshift stage to answer trivia questions. 

Events like these are a testament to the fascinating ways in which Fallout 76 players are engaging with Bethesda’s nuclear sandbox beyond simply grinding for better gear. We’ve seen everything from homeowner’s associations to roleplaying factions and game shows. I’m excited to see what this dedicated bunch comes up with next.