EA Play E3 2019: Battlefield 5 Trailer & Announcements

Over the last few months it feels like Battlefield 5 has somewhat faded from the public eye. The game honestly had a good enough launch, but after promises to add a Battle Royale mode to the title, it seems like everything just took too long and the game took a big backseat.

Now at EA Play, the game has 30 minutes to shine. To give players a reason to come back. In this post we’ll be recapping all of the announcements, trailers, gameplay, and new information!

EA Play 2019 Battlefield 5 News & Announcements

We have a good idea as to what DICE will want to show during their portion of the presentation. Outpost, a new game mode, is scheduled to launch this month. There will also be a couple of new maps called Marita and Al Sundan.

Marita is set in the mountainous terrain of Greece with a unique vertical combat up and down the slopes and inside buildings. Marita is coming in July alongside Chapter 4. The other map, Al Sundan in North Africa, is far more open and fit for vehicle based gameplay and it releases on June 27!

The big question is as to what DICE will do come Fall 2019. The roadmap has an “all-out invasion in a new theater of war” scheduled. The Chapter 5 trailer promises more maps with close quarters, infantry combat. The focus this time around? The Pacific theater including the US and Japan. A map centered around the Battle of Iwo Jima is promised.

On the gameplay side, DICE is increasing the max rank from 50 to 500. Starting at Rank 51 you’ll get rewarded company coins. Every 50 ranks you’ll get a new rank icon and a set of dog tags. This gameplay update comes in August. Its also introducing private games in September with the basic package available for free.

To wrap things up, DICE announced the return of an underground, metro map. It’s not a direct remake of the map fans have come to love. There are some changes with a few “surprises” according to the developers. This one won’t come until sometime in October.

Battlefield 5 has been added to the EA Access and Origin Access vaults as well!

Get ready for a land, air, and sea invasion in a completely new theater of war. As Battlefield V keeps on evolving, you’ll be awakening a giant when Chapter 5 hits in fall 2019. So, where will Chapter 5 take you? Where will you fight, who will you be, and what will we bring you from mankind’s greatest conflict? Time will tell. Rest assured, we’re committed to expanding your WW2 journey and Chapter 5 will truly broaden your horizons.

You can watch the stream for more information about Apex Legends (and a whole lot more) right here at this link. Or, if you just want to hear our thoughts and predictions going into the show, check out our video preview of EA Play 2019! In the meantime, we’ll be sure to update this post with a breakdown of all the Battlefield 5 news you need as it becomes available.