EA Play E3 2019: Apex Legends Announcements – Season 2, L-Star Weapon & Wattson

The EA Play 2019 press briefing brings a good deal of new information. It may not be directly connected to E3 2019, but it’s definitely taking advantage of the time slot to bring major announcements about a smattering of hot games. And Apex Legends, a surprise smash hit from EA earlier this year, is definitely one of the publisher’s biggest. Teases and details about an Apex Legends Season 2 battle pass, as well as a new character, also have people talking. But what else does the company have up its sleeve for the battle royale shooter?

EA Play 2019 Apex Legends News & Announcements

Apex Legends has quite the colorful cast of characters already. Though developer Respawn Entertainment already teased more news ahead of E3 2019. A new weapon, new battle pass, and new Legend (the game’s name for playable characters) were all confirmed ahead of time. The new hero appeared in a tweet that teased an electric Legend, sparking lightning between their fingers.

That new weapon turned out to be the L-Star. This will join the Mastiff and Kraber as a new care package weapon. Though, unlike those two guns, it’s a light machinegun in the vein of the Spitfire and Devotion. You still won’t be able to pick up more ammo after getting it, however. Respawn previously introduced the Havoc rifle in a free update

Respawn further teased two new hop-ups for weapons in Apex Legends. Though they were pretty cagey about what they will actually do. One hint, however, implied that a future hop-up will make the Mozambique quite a lot better. That’s no small task, given how meme-d and terrible that shotgun has been in the past.

There will also be “a new way to play” Apex Legends coming shortly. That oblique reference turned out to be about a ranked mode. That’s sure to be welcome news for the hardest of the hardcore Apex Legends players — as well as the more casual ones who would love to see them separated from the group.

The Apex Legends announcements ended with a much more mysterious tease, however. The video concluded with a montage that showed new gameplay, but also a giant, lizard-like eye in the distance… This might be connected to a “new map event” in Apex Legends that the developers promised sometime soon, as well.

Apex Legends New Character: Wattson

Finally, we got to see Wattson. She will be the 10th new Legend (playable character) in Apex Legends. She was one the people who helped created the wall which closes in on the Apex Games. And Respawn Entertainment promised that her inclusion will be critical to the lore of Apex Legends.

Her back story also plays into the way you play Wattson. Her abilities seem perfectly tuned to appeal to Fortnite players. She can rapidly build fortresses — using up to 12 pylons to create laser grids. Her ultimate ability will even charge allied shields and block heavy ordnance. Grenades, Arc Stars, and other abilities like Bangalore’s bombardment will all be blocked by her skill.

Details about the Apex Legends Season 2 battle pass, meanwhile, came from EA directly. The company wasn’t shy about sharing information directly on its website. And the changes from the last battle pass seem quite promising. It looks like you’ll be able to level up faster, get better rewards, and purchase legendary skins (assuming you play enough). In short, it seems to address the problems with the previous Apex Legends battle pass quite nicely.

The Season 2 Apex Legends battle pass will be available on July 2.

You can watch the stream for more information about Apex Legends (and a whole lot more) right here at this link. Or, if you just want to hear our thoughts and predictions going into the show, check out our video preview of EA Play 2019! In the meantime, we’ll be sure to update this post with a breakdown of all the Apex Legends news you need as it becomes available.


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