Dota Underlords Update Patch Notes – Valve Tones Down the Knights

Valve really likes patching Dota Underlords. Since the last time we posted about balance updates, a whole two days ago, Valve has released two more patches to the game. They’re certainly smaller in size, but they do include some matchmaking changes and some important nerfs to Omniknight, Dragon Knight, and the Knights Alliance.

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Since the patch notes aren’t organized very well, we’ve split up each of the changes into their appropriate categories.

Balance Changes

  • Abaddon: Base Attack Time changed: 1.3 -> 1.5
  • Omniknight: Damage changed: [50-60, 100-120, 200-240] -> [40-50, 80-100, 160-200]
  • Dragon Knight: Elder Dragon Form bonus damage changed: [100, 150, 200] -> [50, 100, 150]
  • Medusa: Split Shot extra shot damage reduction changed: [-40, -30, -20 ] -> -40.
  • Kunkka: Ghostship crash cell size changed: [2, 3, 4] -> [2, 2, 3].
  • Basher: Fixed only going off once per battle.
  • Black King Bar: Purges the user on activation.
  • Juggernaut: Blade Fury purges on activation.
  • Slardar: Amp Damage is now purgeable.
  • Knights Alliance: Default damage reduction changed: [ -15, -25, -35 ] -> [ -15, -20, -30 ].
  • Knights Alliance: Adjacent to other knights damage reduction changed: [ -20, -25, -30 ] -> [ -15, -20, -25 ].
  • Human Alliance Silence: Is now purgeable.

Matchmaking Changes

  • Based on community feedback, we’ve adjusted opponent selection weight to be even more biased against folks you’ve played recently.

Client Updates

  • Adjusted AI pathfinding: Units will only try to jump into a beneficial aura’s range if it’s only 1 cell away (down from 2).
  • Large performance improvements have been done on all platforms.
  • Improved network connectivity and ping time for iOS and Android users outside the US.
  • The following units got their voices back:
    • Doom
    • Drow
    • Enchantress
    • Lina
    • Luna
    • Mirana
    • Shadow Fiend
    • Phantom Assassin
    • Queen of Pain
    • Templar Assassin
    • Windranger
  • Added tooltip to the player’s level that shows their XP progress and odds of rolling each tier of hero in the shop. On mobile this is accessible from within the shop.
  • Added mobile icons to party members.
  • Default Camera distance adjusted to a default of 825.
  • Fixed Key Bindings changes not being saved.
  • Added Ability mana cost to season Info panel.
  • Added ability icons to the mobile shop for all abilities.
  • Clicking outside the shop now closes it.
  • Hovering global items that affect specific types of units will highlight those units.
  • Alliance Highlight Mode: Highlight bench units differently if putting them on the board would not advance the Alliance.
  • Added info button to units in the PC shop to get more information about that hero.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that prevented Assassins from jumping.
  • Blight Stone: Fixed stacking on every hit. It will stack if different units are attacking with it.
  • Unstoppable (Warrior Alliance Item): Fixed some cases that caused this item to not work reliably.
  • Silver Lining: Fixed it granting 2 gold instead of 1.
  • Dragon Knight: Elder Dragon Form is now marked as passive and cannot be silenced.
  • Dragon Knight: Now properly aims at the targets in front.
  • Dragon Knight: Fixed bug that caused Elder Form to take 0.5 seconds to start.
  • Tusk: Fixed Walrus Punch sometimes sending people into space.
  • Fixed Victory screen not being displayed if you won the game which begs the question: Did you really win?
  • Global Sounds removed with the feature going back in the lab.
  • Improved the quality of the dragging effects when manipulating units.
  • Fixed being able to click on an item you did not earn if you lost a Loot Round.
  • Fixed Sword and Shield icons on the leaderboard not displaying if you were attacking and defending against the same player.
  • Fixed Enigma’s ambient FX to work for both bench and on the ground.
  • Enigma midnight pulse updated to be square shaped.
  • Fixed cooldown multiplier display when inspecting a unit.
  • Many improvements have been done to the Unit Query UI.
  • Fixed not being able to view the inventory of a dead player.
  • Fixed ability tooltip not showing lore.
  • Fixed in-game Season Info hero page starting empty by default when the user has no units yet.
  • Roshan is back from vacation. He didn’t bring anything for anyone.

And there you have it! Thanks for reading the latest Dota Underlords update patch notes. For more information, be sure to check back later. We’ll continue to update our guides with more tips and add future content as Dota Underlords develops.


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