Dicey Dungeons, Co-Created by Super Hexagon’s Terry Cavanaugh, Has a Release Date

You don't have to roll the dice to discover when this indie roguelike is out!

Dicey Dungeons looks great. It also looks like it might be a whole lot of fun, according to our own Fanbyte hands-on with the game. Now Dicey Dungeons also has a release date. You can purchase the “deckbuilding roguelike” on Steam and Itch.io starting on Aug. 13. Hey, that’s not too far away!

Former Fanbyte freelancer Eric Van Allen included the indie on his list of “Coolest Games We Saw at PAX South 2019.” And it’s easy to see why. I mean, just look at the thing? The art is being handled by Marlowe Dobb, whose flat and un-outlined pastels really stand out in a sea of pixel art. Meanwhile, the music is being done by Chipzel: the artist who previously worked with Terry Cavanaugh on Super Hexagon. If you haven’t listened to that soundtrack… Well shit. It is, as they say, a banger.

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Cavanaugh is, of course, the mind behind Super Hexagon‘s gameplay — as well as the beloved platformer VVVVVV. They’ve also made a lot of other games, but I haven’t played any of those. I’m going to go out on a limb and say at least some of them are pretty good, though. I really, really like Super Hexagon.

I’m also a big fan of Slay the Spire. That’s another deckbuilding roguelike that Dicey Dungeons seems at least partially reminiscent of. The big hook with this new game, of course, is all the dice. You roll them and slot the numbers into equipment that requires various numbers. As Eric himself put it, “your magic missile might only be receptive to an even-numbered die, or your most powerful move might only take a six.” So it seems like there’s a bit more random chance at play than usual in those sort of game.

Meanwhile, the story of Dicey Dungeons revolves around six people turned into giant dice by Lady Luck. All of that seems appropriate! It’s also very cute. You can see what I mean in the trailer embedded further up in this piece.

Dicey Dungeons Release Date

Each of the six beings — a Warrior, Thief, Robot, Jester, Inventor and Witch — naturally has their own unique abilities. For instance, the Thief “steals random enemy equipment every turn,” according to the Dicey Dungeons Steam page, while the Robot “gains dice by playing a push-your-luck blackjack game.” That sounds like a lot of variety! It also sounds even more like the Slay the Spire. Which, in turn, sounds like a good thing to me.

Interestingly, the game is apparently split into 37 “episodes.” And you need to play through as each class to see them all. That sounds like quite a lot to do! So it’s probably a good thing the game is coming out in the middle of next month. September this year seems stacked with just… an illegal number of big, interesting games. Mid-August sounds like roundabout the perfect time to give this little indie its due!

Once again, that release date is Aug. 13, 2019 — assuming things don’t get pushed back at the last second. We’ll be sure to update you with our more complete thoughts on Dicey Dungeons right around then!


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