Izanagi’s Burden is Still Inaccessible Due to Bugs in Destiny 2

You're (not) gonna carry that weight

Izanagi’s Burden has quickly risen to become the most popular PVE weapon in Destiny 2 this season. It’s not that the gun itself has received any major buffs. Instead, the hit to Lunafaction Boots and the removal of all auto-reload abilities from the game has proven a boon to the sniper rifle. See, Izanagi’s Burden lets you load four shots into a single, powerful blast. The problem before was that doing do required a reload animation in an environment that was all about circumventing them. Now, the Black Armory Forge Exotic is a Raid staple alongside the Energy weapon Recluse.

There’s just one problem — since Shadowkeep launched, players who hadn’t already completed the lengthy quest to get Izanagi’s Burden were locked out of it. Bungie fixed that in a recent update, but in doing do broke the quest in a whole bunch of other ways. Now, players who attempt to use keys to open the Mysterious Box central to the whole endeavor find that they’ve disappeared from their inventory with no progress made.

Some of these keys aren’t too tough to get — they just involve completing a Black Armory Forge ignition while tagging a couple of hidden drones. But later on in the quest, players need to obtain a Rare Black Armory bounty, a bounty that drops at random from Black Armory Vendor Ada-3 and that typically is a huge pain to complete. Players are now wondering whether they’ll have to repeat these tedious steps to claim their prize.

TFW No Burden

In yesterday’s This Week At Bungie, dmg04 noted that Destiny Player Support was aware of the issues, adding that they will be addressed “in a future update.” It’s good to know that the problem is on the team’s radar, but it’s a huge bummer for anyone looking to complete Pinnacle content this season.

See, it’s not that Izanagi’s Burden is strictly necessary to complete any of this content. It’s exceptionally useful, sure. But the real issue is that most pickup fireteams online (reasonably) want to roll with a fully optimized crew. This has always been true in Destiny 2, but it’s worse than ever right now. Last season’s standout weapons mostly all had alternatives, and the most important piece of gear was Lunafaction Boots, which were pretty easy to get through Exotic drops or Xur.

Izanagi’s Burden is a pain to get when you can get it, and there’s no indication when players will actually be able to again. For now, you should probably just hold off on doing any quest steps until we hear more about a fix. In the interim, a decent high-impact alternative is Tranquility with the Firing Line perk. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to grind for via the Nightmare Lectern on the Moon.

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