The Vainguard, a Destiny 2 Fashion Column: Pumpkin Spice Edition

Welcome back to The Vainguard, a Destiny 2 fashion column where I ask you to show me your mans. This week, I wanted to see some autumnal Guardians. Yes, the Festival of the Lost starts this week and that means we’re getting all kinds of Halloween-themed gear, but I wanted to see what you could do without the benefit of the equivalent of a store-bought skeleton costume. And besides, Fall is about much more than Halloween. These four Guardians show off a range of looks that run the gamut from cozy to creepy.

woob ben (@Woomben)

This Titan looks ready for a late-October stroll across the moors. He’s layered up and is the picture of warmth. I can easily imagine him returning to the Tower after a day of hunting Hive on the Moon, changing into a housecoat, and kicking his feet up by the fire while he sips brandy and tucks into a tattered Evelyn Waugh volume. Perhaps he read it once, decades ago, but no longer remembers having done so. A fact of Exo life is that the human essence inside the metal body rebels after a time, and only a full memory wipe can prevent ego collapse. And so we leave this Titan at home, enjoying the warm respite from the frozen terrors of the Moon. He has been here before, and will be here once again, just as the seasons change and turn into their own time.

Brendan (@_sulcata)

This Hunter’s cloak is the perfect fall accessory, adding a touch of flair to their functional look. The use of two bows is a daring choice, too, eschewing a Special weapon in the name of style. The glittering Wish-Ender provides contrast, adding color and interest. Whereas fall is often thought of as a season for warm browns and reds, this cool-toned outfit demonstrates that bold Guardians need not be limited by such preconceptions.

samb rules (@samb_rules)

This Titan’s look is inspired by the classic image of the Jack-o’-lantern. And yet, it is restrained enough not to appear costume-y. The simple glowing visor communicates the feel of Halloween while most of the detail is left to the shoulders and torso. By selecting a less busy piece for the legs, this Guardian has emphasized his powerful upper body, presenting the image of a stalwart sentinel, equally at home surveying the battlefield from his Sparrow or the neighborhood from his front porch.

Sam Shareski (@sameshareski)

The Stag Warlock helm is not a terribly useful Exotic, which is probably why I’ve never seen anyone using it. But this Warlock handily demonstrates its immense aesthetic appeal. The skull combined with the foliage-covered Substitutional Armor creates an unsettling appearance torn straight from a found-footage horror movie. The rustle of leaves. The hoot of an owl. The sacrificial beast staring back from cold, dead eyes. All of this is brought together by the fiery skull of Bad Juju, creating a haunting figure this Guardian’s foes aren’t likely to forget.

That’s it for this week. I’ll be back next Monday with another theme, so keep an eye out on Twitter for a call for submissions. And remember: saving the universe is no excuse for looking sloppy.

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