DC Outskirts, the First Episodic Content Update for Division 2 Releases July 23

With testing coming to an end today, Ubisoft has announced the release date for the first episodic update to Division 2 titled Episode 1 – D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions. Aside from being a mouthful, D.C. Outskirts comes with new main missions, the all-new expeditions, and new weapons and gear. Year 1 Pass holders will get advanced access on July 23. The public at whole will be able to experience it a week later on July 30. As planned, the update is entirely free.

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The expansion will take players to the areas surrounding Washington D.C. over the course of two new main missions and three expeditions. The latter is a new game mode where agents will form a squad to search Kenly College, looking for a lost military convoy and survivors. This will unfold over the course of three weeks with one wing releasing every seven days. Ubisoft says each week has a “specific theme and tone” to help vary things up. Completing all three wings will reward “an exclusive treasure room full of rewards.”

Main Missions

  • Camp White Oak: Division Agents stage a well-planned attack into the presidential compound, as they seek to bring the now-traitor President Andrew Ellis to justice.
  • Manning National Zoo: Emeline Shaw, leader of the Outcasts, fled after her defeat in D.C. and is now held up at the Zoo regaining strength. Agents are on the hunt to eliminate Shaw, nipping the Outcasts’ reawakening in the bud.

Though we don’t know the details just yet, players will also gain access to the new exotic Diamondback Rifle and the exotic BTSU Datagloves. For folks who are looking for more than just exotics, there is also a new LMG and carbine.

Year 1 Pass holders also get to experience another Classified Assignments duo in Washington’s Central Aquarium and NSA Site B13.

Outside of the new content, Ubisoft is also adding the new Discovery difficulty setting to the Operation Dark Hours raid. This is the oft requested version of the raid with matchmaking. It’s easier than the normal setting, so it’s not the true experience, but still comes with “a variety of rewards.”

The developer also promises crafting improvements in the form of Gear Score 500 crafted gear after reaching World Tier 1. You’ll also be able to share blueprints across characters so you no longer have to grind for the same weapon blueprints multiple times. In addition, crafted weapons can now be recalibrated!

Overall it looks like a solid update. While new missions to complete and new exotics to chase is always a good thing, it’s likely that Title Update 5 is honestly a bigger deal to the community as a whole. It’s been clamoring for changes and improvements since TU4 went live last month.

We’ll be back around release time with guides related to the new content! Check in on July 23 and we’ll help you navigate your way through the latest Division 2 content once again.