Captain Toad: Serotonin Tracker

Captain Toad is a member of the Toad species in the Mario universe. He is the same as every other Toad except that he has a backpack and a headlamp and owns his own spaceship. In Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker he embarks on his greatest adventure yet, collecting magical golden stars and attempting to rescue his friend Toadette from a giant bird. Toadette is the only girl Toad.

Captain Toad will need to use all of his wits to get through the tricky traps and peculiar puzzles that make up the many levels in this video game. Because he is wearing a very heavy backpack Captain Toad cannot jump. Instead he can only jump, climb, and pluck things out of the ground. Captain Toad can kill by throwing vegetables, wielding a pickaxe, or falling from a height onto the body of an enemy.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a bright and colorful video game. All of the levels Captain Toad explores are very cute and the player can rotate the camera to see them from all angles. This is very important because sometimes precious gems are hiding behind walls or underground and it is Captain Toad’s job to collect them. Captain Toad must periodically present a number of gems to demonstrate his craftiness and advance onto the next chapter of the video game.

Captain Toad is a brave little guy but watch out because there are enemies in this world that want him dead. One contact with a dive bombing bird or hungry plant will make the Captain Toad become small, and another will show you a picture of Captain Toad’s skull and make his number of lives go down by one. I don’t know what happens when you run out of lives.

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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a great title for younger players who will appreciate its simple gameplay and bright colors. The experienced gamer might find their time with Captain Toad to be somewhat brief as they push through the video game’s challenges. However each stage also contains a secret objective which provides some much-needed replay value.

Captain Toad is a wonderful friend to Toadette and probably the other Toads too. He fights a dragon and a large bird and even rides a train in his pursuit of the magic stars and his kidnapped friend. Captain Toad gets very excited when he catches one of those stars, jumping around and making all kinds of noises. Even if you have clinical treatment-resistant depression it’s hard not to smile when you see Captain Toad capering around as he lays his little hands on his treasure.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a good reminder that simple things can make us happy, like precious gems or saving our friends from angry wizard birds. I bet even Captain Toad gets sad sometimes but that’s okay because he knows there’s always another magic star around the corner.


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