The Hades Tigers Official Fan Club Twitter Account: A Review

All hail the Hades Tigers, the best team in Blaseball

Blaseball might just be my GOTY. I mean, I can’t say that for certain yet, and there are other contenders (Animal Crossing, Slug Life, anything that comes out in the next five months). But, it is almost certainly the most 2020 game we’ve seen so far in this hysterically awful hell-year: a low-fi “simulation” of the game of baseball, with plenty of horrific twists.

One of the most charming aspects of the game, for me, is the “official” Twitter account of my team — the proud, lawfully evil Hades Tigers. I don’t know who manages it. Does the commissioner (who is doing a great job), have a say? I truly don’t know, nor do I need to know. This account gives me hope. It gives me updates. It shows me fanart. It gives me something to look at when Blaseball itself is down. 

This account gifts me with what all sports fans seek, when they have no actual say in the playing of their chosen sport, or the business conducted by management: validation. That “we” are the best, that “we” will win. That we are the best, most attractive, most skilled, and most downright incredible team force the evil/fucked up sim baseball world has ever known.

Where else could I find such potent poetry: 

Or such comfort in trying times, when players face wanton incineration from capricious gods that run this sport? 

Thank you, Hades Tigers Official Fan Club. I promise to never look back.

Editor’s note: after publishing, I learned that two people I’m friendly with worked on the game. I can’t name them, for fear of invoking the wrath of the Blaseball gods, but let this serve as a disclosure notice.