Bethesda E3 2019: GhostWire Tokyo – Trailer & Details

GhostWire: Tokyo is the newest game under development from Tango Gameworks, makers of The Evil Within. It’s described as a “new action-adventure game” set in a supernaturally infested, modern-day Tokyo. Though that’s sadly most of what we know. A pre-rendered trailer at the Bethesda E3 2019 press briefing showed lots of cool monsters, a very stylish version of Tokyo, and a general mode. Beyond that, though, there weren’t many details.

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You can watch the trailer for yourself in the video above. Besides a potential protagonist (who looks very much like a bow-wielding hero from a certain recent superhero movie) we can guess at a couple of details. The citizens of Tokyo — possibly the whole world — have begun to vanish into thin air. Those that remain are at the mercy of various monsters and paranormal creatures.

Not every spirit in the new world is dangerous, however. Creative Director Ikumi Nakamura (who was incredible during the E3 press conference) explained that some of them will be peaceful. Overall, though, she promised GhostWire will be “spooky.” Considering you’re on a mission to save the world from demons, that seems to make sense!

GhostWire: Tokyo also brought quite a few other games to mind. The money shots of the likely protagonist with a bow brings to mind Tango’s own The Evil Within series. Those games also featured a great deal of bow-based combat — with the ability to craft your own, unique types of ammunition. Will GhostWire: Tokyo feature a similar system, complete with crafting? We have no idea! The DNA does appear to be there, though.

Beyond that, Nakamura mentioned that players will have to ask themselves whether certain things are actually normal or paranormal. This might imply some level of player choice over the course of the game. The word “survive” also got thrown around, which might lend credence to features like crafting. Only time will tell, however, seeing as the very vague teaser didn’t really illuminate much.

Our Take: GhostWire Tokyo E3 2019 Reveal

GhostWire was absolutely a highlight of the Bethesda E3 2019 press conference. The game just looked cool, sure. But Nakamura was also a splash of energy in what has mostly been a colorless, choreographed expo so far. Advocating for her own game definitely made it stand out all the more.

Even beyond that, GhostWire seems quite unlike anything else Bethesda is working on at the moment. Most of the publisher’s games take place in fantastical, anachronistic, or technologically bizarre worlds. The Elder Scrolls and DOOM certainly can’t really lean on the magic realism of twisting of our own world. GhostWire: Tokyo has a grip of paranormal nonsense to be sure. But its contemporary setting makes the unreal elements stand out all the more.

The fact that we didn’t see any gameplay (neither for GhostWire or Deathloop, the other new game announced at the Bethesda press conference) was slightly disappointing. Even so, Bethesda still seems committed to its existing studios — as well as letting them try new things. That’s always nice to see.


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