A Quiet Place Part II Should Answer Some Important Questions

Mysteries from 2018's surprise horror hit had us scratching our heads

John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place scored with critics and audiences alike in 2018, leading to an inevitable sequel with Emily Blunt taking sole custody of the leading role. A Quiet Place followed the Abbott family as they navigated home life in fear of ferocious invading creatures who hunt via sound. Abbott patriarch Lee, played by Krasinski, not only fortified their gorgeous, Magnolia Home-ass farm estate with some truly Home Alone-ass traps, but did a ton of field research that serves as the backbone to the mystery of these creatures.

In Lee’s research room, which also serves as the location of the film’s climax, he has newspaper clippings and extremely detailed, helpful notes for himself and presumably whoever else needs to gain the upper hand against the deadly creatures.

Spoilers for A Quiet Place follow as we dissect some of the mysteries the first film posed.


Naturally, Lee starts his meticulous note-taking with bits about the creatures themselves. It’s a chilling look at monster design. Here’s what we know from Lee’s notes:


Yes, Lee has figured out what the audience quickly learns, these creatures cannot see the way most mammals can see. This may be the most straightforward of Lee’s notes. We know the creatures are blind by the end of the film and don’t expect any other mysteries to really spring out of this detail.

Attack sound

Lee has observed that when the creature attacks, it makes a lot of sound. Thus, “attack sound.” He’s probably trying to let others know that if they hear a loud creature attack sound, to seek shelter and shut up. Maybe wrap yourself in a fleece blanket. They sell a lot of them at Target. There should be a Target in their town, but getting there might be difficult.


Armor is so important to have when facing the creature. You wouldn’t fight one of the nasties from a From Software game without armor, would you? The trick here, of course, is to find extremely quiet armor. From a quiet place, maybe?? Gosh, this film still has layers years later. Anyway, the next film may explore the kinds armor Lee wants his family to craft. It has to be quiet. It’s so crucial it’s quiet armor. I think the double underline is what sells its importance on Lee’s board.

How many in Area??

The Abbott family is doing such a service for other survivors in the area by counting the murderous creatures. Lee is so smart not to denote what the “Area” refers to. What if the creatures find the white board and realize Lee knows how many are close by? Maybe Lee is trying to deceive the creatures. In Part II, we may find out just how big the area is and if Lee’s count (3) is correct.

Confirmed [3]

Speaking of his count, I want to dive into the chilling implications of Lee’s confirmation of three creatures in the Area. Did Lee identify differences with the creatures? Lee might’ve been able to identify one of them by the barbed wire tattoo on its bicep. We know there’s a Kay jeweler in the area, perhaps one of the creatures is wearing a Every Kiss Begins with Kay charm bracelet that makes a distinct sound. How did Lee confirm these differences? That might be the biggest mystery heading into Part II.


Lee Abbott might be father of the year with his detailed instructions to his family how to live with these creatures, but there are still some questions about the notes on his white board.

Medical Supplies

The Abbotts are in constant danger. Lee, again so forward thinking, states plainly that the family needs medical supplies to survive the onslaught of these creatures. What kinds of medical supplies? That might be a question for the sequel.

Sound proofing

This might be a stretch, but the idea that the family would need sound proofing might indicate a connection Lee has made to the creatures hunting via sound. Maybe the sound proofing would help the family survive by muffling their sounds, but maybe Lee just wants to sound proof the farm so the attack sounds the creatures make aren’t so hecking terrifying and loud. I think this is something that might get tackled in Part II.

What is the [WEAKNESS]

The biggest mystery of all is Lee’s search for the WEAKNESS. Viewers have been wracking their brains for two years now trying to figure out what Lee meant by WEAKNESS. In the new trailer, we see lots of new people around town. Maybe WEAKNESS is a group of survivalists? It could be an acronym that indicates a deeper knowledge than previously implied of the creatures. Maybe the acronym might even have something to do with how the Abbotts could kill the creatures.

We know Regan, Lee and Evelyn’s deaf daughter, can use her hearing aid to create frequencies that seem to hurt the creatures. Maybe WEAKNESS can be deciphered by tuning Regan’s hearing aid to different frequencies in the sequel.

Whatever the case may be, A Quiet Place Part II will hopefully answer some of these incredibly pressing mysteries set up by the first film.


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