A Letter To Send Your Tank Players To Bench Them in Overwatch 2

We found the words so you don't have to.

Blizzard announced Overwatch 2 will take out one tank player in the series’ standard two tanks, two damage, and two support team composition, meaning matches will consist of 10 players rather than 12. The studio said this, along with some character reworks, will allow individuals to have more impact within a single match. Just how much it will affect the actual game remains to be seen, and it probably won’t really be clear until players get their hands on it. But it does raise a lot of questions.

Can tank mains still occupy the role satisfactorily when there’s constant pressure to play shield-based characters like Reinhardt and Orisa, as there won’t be a second person in the role that can occupy a more defensive playstyle? Will alterations to heroes like Wrecking Ball and Roadhog be enough for them to adequately fill the tank role without a second character there to pick up the defensive slack? Am I ever going to hear Winston and Wrecking Ball speak to each other again?

But outside of the changes to the meta and team composition, it also means one less person will be playing on each team; thus, one person who may have been playing Overwatch with a group of five other friends for years might have to start sitting out matches. If you, like me, have found yourself in an awkward spot of having to let one of your tank players know they’re gonna be warming the bench, feel free to use this template to let them know in a delicate manner they’re gonna have to set down their shield for a bit.

Hey [king/queen/monarch],

I don’t know if you heard, but Overwatch 2 is going to have five players per team. One tank, two damage, and two supports. And while pushing payloads with you has been great, our Supercharged team can only support one tank at a time now. Yeah, it definitely sucks that Blizzard decided to “nerf this” group. Guess they really had our perfect 2/2/2 composition “in their sights” when they decided to make this change.

It feels like we’ve been stuck in Sombra’s EMP and are unable to use some of our most crucial abilities. Sigma was right when he said “the barrier no longer exists,” because now we have no one to raise it up. Matches are really gonna feel like a Minefield without a second tank. It’s really activating my Primal Rage just thinking about how we’re going to have to have someone sit each match out now. I wish I could use a Graviton Surge to keep all six of us together, but it feels like the Earth has Shattered from beneath us with this move. This team isn’t a Whole Hog anymore. It’s a 0.83333333 hog now.

But maybe I’m getting too worked up. Maybe I should Take a Breather before I say something I don’t mean. Because for all we know, this may really help Overwatch 2 in the long run, and could really Fortify the sequel when it comes out. We’ll just have to keep Steadfast with our friendships and vibe in the voice chat together when one person has to rotate out of a match. That way, we won’t have to Grapple with what this means for our friendship. Because our bond is bigger than one game, and one change isn’t going to make it Self-Destruct. We don’t have to Eject from this just because you won’t be able to play with us every round.

And uh, yes. It will have to be you who sits out, since you are one of our tanks. You and [insert other tank player’s name here] can switch out between matches.

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Overwatch 2 will share a competitive community with the original game, but will also have a cooperative campaign that delves into the story of its 30+ heroes. While the combination of both Overwatch and Overwatch 2’s communities is nice, it would be even better if Blizzard implemented cross-play so the pool of players would be even bigger across the board. But the company hasn’t given a committal answer as to whether or not that’s in the works.