7 Things You Need to Know About the Railjack Revisited Warframe Update

The first Railjack Revisited update paves the way for more, better space combat.

Railjack Revisited marks a foundational change for the new splodey spaceship mode in Warframe. While the mode has always been cool on paper, fans quickly found it lacking in moment-to-moment fun. Developer Digital Extremes noticed that fact — and even addressed a number of issues publicly, promising to smooth things out in a patch that continues the “Warframe Revised” quality of life changes the game has received lately. And now we’ve finally got part one of that update available in-game. But what does it look like? What does it change? And what’s next? Let’s take a look at the biggest points from the massive list of patch notes!

The latest patch notes immediately highlight three key areas where Railjack was lacking. These include “Pacing, Balance, and Tools of the Trade.” This means you shouldn’t expect massive additions to what’s available in Railjack once you boot up Warframe… yet. Digital Extremes says this is just part one of a grander overhaul of the cooperative space content, which draws heavy parallels to Sea of Thieves and Star Trek: Bridge Commander. The goal this time around is to “make Railjack better paced and more fun, while also being more rewarding for your time.”

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There’s Smoother Sailing

The very first note on Railjack Revisited’s list is faster, bigger range for the “vacuum” around your Railjack. In-game, this functions just like the Sentinel mod of the same name. It basically allows you to collect pickups easier, so you won’t miss items as much. Since Warframe doesn’t automatically collect loot for you at the end of a mission, like in games such as Destiny, this is a pretty vital change.

The ship also just moves faster by default. Previously, Railjack flight relied heavily on boosting over and over again — making movement a bit repetitive and stale. Now the ship just feels more agile from the get-go. At the same time, boost dodging costs more “stamina” and is less effective.

No More “Death by a Thousand Cuts”

Hazards like fires and hull breaches are much deadlier now. That might sound like a bad thing, but it’s not. That’s because the dangers are now capped to one at a time. You won’t suffer the “death by a thousand cuts” Railjack users constantly had to contend with before. Instead of constantly patching up leaks, you’ll theoretically deal with each hazard much more immediately and then be done with them for a bit.

The Pay Is Better

In exchange for dealing with the deadly traps, you’ll also get greater rewards for playing pretty much across the board. Titanium and Asterite give triple the original values in Railjack Revisited. Plus you get a whole lot more credits for completing missions in Earth Proxima, Saturn Proxima, and Veil Proxima — with bigger rewards for higher-level areas. Finally, while it’s not really a “reward” in the traditional sense, you do get double the usual Revolite for your all-purpose omnitool every time you craft it. So you won’t be running out so often.

Archwings Got Better

Hidden in the Railjack notes is the news that Archwings pretty much saw an across-the-board buff. This pertains to the jetpacks’ melee usability. Auto-lock-on for melee attacks while using an Archwing was extended, and melee range mods buff that even further. This dovetails into buffs to a boatload of Archwing weapons (not just the melee ones) and “normalized” gun stats. That is to say, ranged Archwing weapons now use the same stats in space as the ones they have in “Heavy Weapon” mode on the ground!

daily bounty standing warframe

Avionics Got Simplified

Avionics, the Railjack equivalent of Warframe mods, were heavily consolidated. There are no longer three variants of everything. Hopefully this will reduce clutter and make it easier to plan out a Railjack build! Speculation aside, however, the refreshed Avionics now require 20 percent less capacity across the board. So you literally just have more room to plan out your Railjack build.

Don’t worry too much if you spent a bunch of resources upgrading your gear, either. Any spent Dirac, which is the Railjack equivalent of Endo, which is the resource you use to juice your mods, has been refunded. With naming conventions like these, it’s no wonder Warframe needed to simplify things a bit…

Oh! And there are brand-new Avionics to try out now, to boot.

Honestly, It’s a Lot Easier

With all the buffs, additions, and balance changes, Railjack just feels a lot easier. That’s okay, though! Most of the mode’s difficulty came from poor quality-of-life, and led to losses that felt frustrating more than deserved. Considering the (often over the top) fan reaction to Warframe since the introduction of Railjacks, I doubt anyone is going to complain too much about it being too approachable now, either.

It’s About More Than Just Railjack

Railjack Revisited is technically part of Warframe Revised. This project brings tons of bugfixes and long-awaited quality-of-life changes into the free-to-play game (as mentioned above). And despite the focus on Railjack in this latest patch, the update also improves the game across the board. Archwings are only part of the equation.

One of my personal favorite additions, for instance, is a daily standing cap icon added to Fortuna and Cetus. This tells the player how much reputation they have left to grind for the open-world factions that day. This has been a long time coming, and I’m so happy that I no longer need to flip through three different menus to see how much grinding I have left to do on a given day.

The in-game market also got a fresh coat of paint and better filters. And all you Riven hunters out there can now see what the heck weapon its for when unveiling the mod, or even using the Chat Link features that lets other players see y our item. That should make things easier!

All in all, Railjack Revisited makes things much easier across the board. It’s nice to see more of the longstanding issues get fixed alongside the recent additions, too. It seems Digital Extremes hasn’t given up on smoothing over what has become a very strange, sometimes ramshackle game. Those seams can be charming, but they don’t often make the game easier to play. And updates like these go a long way.