For Better and for Worse, Void Bastards Is a Perfect Game Pass Game

I enjoyed Void Bastards a whole lot when I played it for, oh, about an hour in May of 2019. Although it turns out that “about an hour” is exactly what that game has: just repeated on a loop nine times over. The core of that loop is collecting garbage…

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The Top 12 Games I Played on Vacation Instead of Sleeping

Sometimes I play a lot of goddamn video games in a very short span. Most times, I don’t sleep very well. These two pillars of my personality tend to intersect over the holidays: when there aren’t many new releases and I look to my backlog for interesting things to write…

Remnant From the Ashes GOTY


Danielle’s Top Ten Games of 2019

What a year, what a year! 2019 is a year that I started in a job where I did full time games/movies/entertainment coverage, had a mid-year shift, then finished up by moving here to Fanbyte and going back to doing full time games/movies/entertainment coverage! So, there are a couple of…

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Fanwidth Episode 019: E3 Cometh for Us All

You smell that? That’s the odor of E3 2019, baby. It’s right around the corner and ready to absorb us all into its sticky, awful, wonderful mass. That’s why Steven and Niki are here again this week to get pre-E3 game chat out of their systems. Join them on a…

Outer Wilds Camp

Void Bastards Review: Paperwork at the End of the Universe

Void Bastards is the realization of a science fiction dream — especially if you were the only kid in class who knew what “42” meant, and thought bureaucracy was the height of comedy before you were old enough to have a job. This is Brazil and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy…



Space Gone Mad: An Interview with Void Bastards’ Cara Ellison & Ben Lee

*VORRP* And with that, another explosive device that no one fully understands erupts, detonating or murder-sacrificing or sucking character into a vacuum. It’s a real roll of the dice as to what is happening in this specific weapon instance, or what is happening in general, or what is happening on…

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X018: Xbox Game Pass and Acquired Studios Steal the Show

Xbox’s X018 event happened today in Mexico City! The livestream featured some pretty major announcements. Here’s a roundup of everything we saw! Xbox Game Pass Grows PUBG, the game that really jump started the battle royale game rush and made its console debut on Xbox One, is coming to Xbox…

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