2019 Was the Year of Arena Combat in Games

Arena fights were everywhere in 2019. I don’t mean “arena shooters.” The style of FPS gameplay popularized by Quake is still alive and well, but I’m talking about a more specific trend. In 2019, video games made you fight for your life while an audience watched, clapped, gasped and applauded.…



Fanwidth Episode 016: Rage Report

Hey there, hi there, ho there! It’s another short episode of Fanwidth this week, as Niki continues his tour of Australia and merritt’s internet continues… to be bad. But don’t worry! Steven is here to check in, ask what’s up, and talk about two very similar video games. That’s right!…

Rage 2 Trailer


Rage 2 Tips: 16 Things the Game Doesn’t Tell You

Rage 2 is here and ready to let players loose on its particular brand of the post-apocalypse. That means weapons, superpowers, and a lot of the color pink. It also means trying to fight your way through bad guys with the best possible gear and guns. But what does it truly take…

Rage 2 Tips



Where Is the Fanbyte Rage 2 Review?

Rage 2 is another post-apocalyptic first-person shooter from Bethesda Softworks — publishers of Fallout, Doom, Wolfenstein, and more. It’s also one of the bigger video games scheduled for release in May 2019. So you might think we’d like to run a Rage 2 review as soon as humanly possible. You’re…

Rage 2 Review

Rage 2 Works Best When It Steals the Best of Two Worlds

“We wanted to set Rage 2 apart from the original,” id Software Studio Director Tim Willits said for the third time. As we began a Q&A that capped off a 90-or-so-minute demo, he wanted to drive the point home. This time he was answering a question about the game’s brighter color palette and…

Rage 2 Preview

2019 Video Games As Wrestle Kingdom 13 Matches

January. It’s usually kinda slow for video games until close to the end of the month. What early January is good for around here is New Japan Pro Wrestling’s premier event: Wrestle Kingdom 13. It happens every Jan. 4 and late, late, late tonight/early tomorrow you can catch some of…

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