How WWE Reacts When Workers Leave the Job

Last Monday night, the wrestling world was blindsided by the news, announced during Monday Night Raw, that Sasha Banks and Naomi, the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, had walked out on the show over creative issues. And though the underlying story was big enough, it blew up even bigger because of…

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Batman and Robin is the Best Batman Movie

You probably know that while I harbored fond memories for it, upon rewatch, I hated Batman (1989). So it’s with great joy and pleasure I can confirm that Batman And Robin, one of the most maligned movies of all time, remains a wonderful, ridiculous, extremely gay banger. Oh yes, this…

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Press A+B Together: The Art of Stealing a Finisher

For a lot of reasons, theft has been on my mind in recent weeks. External events of the world aside, AEW Dynamite was rife with it on May 11th. The first two matches on the card—Dax Harwood vs. Adam Cole, and John Silver vs. CM Punk—both featured finishes that saw…

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What U.S. Soccer Finally Awarding Equal Pay To Its Women’s Team Means For Women’s Sports

Every week in her Good Form column, Natalie Weiner explores the ways in which the sports world’s structural inequalities and injustices illuminate those outside it — and the ways in which they’re inextricably connected. You can read previous columns here. This week, the women’s sports world got a rare dose…

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With The G Word, Adam Conover Actually Made Me Care About the Government

As a fan of Adam Conover, I know he’s no stranger to criticizing America and its government. He did it on his show Adam Ruins Everything, he does it regularly on his podcast Factually, and he’s even testified in front of the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission about…

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It’s May 19th! To Celebrate, Here’s a Timely Reminder About Kane

He fucking sucks, y’all. Imagine liking Kane. More Professional Wrestling Guy Who Crossed Out His Pro-CM Punk Sign When Punk Came Out Wearing an Abortion Rights Shirt: A Review CM Punk’s “Abortion Rights Are Human Rights” Shirt: A Review “WWE Superstar” Is a Job. People Walk Off of Their Jobs…

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