The Fitness Center in Luigi’s Mansion 3: A Review

Welcome to Would I Workout There (WIWT) — a column where I, a professed fitness freak — take a look at the virtual gyms in video games and answer that pressing question: would I, in fact, break a sweat and do a little work in this space. You can read…



merritt’s Top 10 Games of the Year – 2019 Edition

2019 was a weird year for me. After getting hired here at Fanbyte, I tried to keep up with current releases to a degree that I hadn’t since I was a kid. I spent hundreds of hours playing Destiny 2, a game I only got into to broaden my utility to…

Death Stranding


The 13 Best Games on the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch launched over two years ago now, and in that that time the home console / handheld hybrid has hosted a boatload of fantastic titles across every genre imaginable (well, maybe not strand games). As we head into the holiday buying season, those looking to gift a Switch…

Best Switch Games Nintendo



The Fanwidth Podcast Episode 038: Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Ditto

Niki is out this week, so Danielle, merritt, and Steven dive deep on games! Disco Elysium is the topic du jour. Although we also go over The Outer Worlds (now that Danielle has played a lot more) and the games we’d like to hit before the end of 2019. Speaking…

fanwidth podcast fanbyte

I Feel Just Awful About Sucking Up Ghosts in Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a lovely game. From the care put into the visual design to the satisfaction of finding secrets, everything about it is charming. Well, almost everything. See, I have a problem. I feel worse about sucking up ghosts in Luigi’s Mansion 3 than I do about gunning down enemy soldiers…


Luigi’s Mansion 3 Tips Guide – 5 Things the Game Doesn’t Tell You

If you want to survive the spooky spirits infesting the dusty halls of Luigi’s Mansion 3, then you’re going to need more than some courage. This latest entry in the series sees the older brother scouring a ghost-filled hotel with the hope of rescuing his brother, Princess Peach, and some…