New Hitman 3 Patch Adds Yellow Rabbit Suit, Duck Hunt, and a Ducky Gun

We are somehow in the third year of GOTY 2020 contender Hitman 3’s life, and the content for the dark humor immersive sim is still coming. The May patch notes for the game offer a couple of tantalizing new challenges: like the Duck Hunt Challenge in Berlin (which unlocks the…

hitman 3 yellow rabbit suit


Hitman is So Well Designed, You Can Play It While Missing a Whole Button

As I mentioned on Channel F this week, I’ve been continuing to dive headfirst into Hitman 3 content —  including the Lesley Celebration escalation, released in March. It’s a difficult mission: first asking you to clear a seemingly random selection of partiers and guards in the sprawling Berlin stage. But…

hitman 3 lesley celebration titles

In Hitman 3, Escalation is Delicious

I gushed quite a bit about how much I’m loving Hitman 3 on our recent review/spoilercast. But even so, I hedged a tiny bit at a late-podcast question, about whether I’d dive into all of the extra content, especially the bonus “escalation” missions. These are ever-intensifying hunts, challenge runs, essentially,…

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7 Classic Hitman Levels with Devilishly Good Twists

Over the past 18 years of Hitman games, Agent 47 has traveled the entire globe on his campaign of meticulous murder. He snuck into a Sicilian villa as a mailman and whacked a mob boss (literally) with his own golf club. He’s climbed the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur to…

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