The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Wields Vintage Fashion as a Narrative Tool

Ace Attorney is a visual novel series about legal disputes and the judicial system, and over the past 20 years it’s carved a space for itself by transforming historically dull, monotonous court processes into some of the most dramatic reveals in games. It’s a series full of endless spectacle, and…

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles


Weirdos Among Misfits, the Journalists of Ace Attorney Deserve a Spinoff

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is finally out in the west, and I’m thrilled to announce it continues the Ace Attorney tradition of including an intensely weird journalist. Sure, all Ace Attorney characters are weird in their own ways. That’s why the games are so good! But the franchise is now up to five…

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Great Ace Attorney is One, Big Adventure Across Two Games

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is a mouthful, but even that title doesn’t tell the whole story. Nor does the first game in the recently localized duology. Contrary to prior Ace Attorney games (which you may better recognize by their protagonists, Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice) neither part of the two-for-one…

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The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Rouses the Looney Tunes of Legal Drama

When we talk about games gracefully leaping from 2D to 3D, Ace Attorney might not come to mind. Super Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, and perhaps Final Fantasy dominate the conversation with action and spectacle. There isn’t much of either in the courtroom comedy-dramas. Phoenix Wright and later Apollo Justice…

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