Fallout 4 Has Aged Like a Ghoul in 2021

This weekend I did the unthinkable. I beat the main story quest in a Bethesda game. Specifically I finished Fallout 4 — the studio’s last single-player stab at the sci-fi series from 2015. It’s only the second Bethesda Game Studios title I’ve ever “finished,” the other coincidentally being Fallout 3…

Fallout 4 2021

I’m Going Absolute Sicko Mode With Fallout and Skyrim Mods

I have a tough time deciding what to play. My backlog, like so many of our loom Death Mountains of Steam Sale purchases, gives me the kind of analysis paralysis human beings were bred to handle. At the same time, my addictive personality really ties me down to a single game…

fallout 4 mod jetpack

Pop Culture’s Most Kissable Robots

It is a truth self-evident that people want to kiss robots. There’s just something about their cold, metal lips that drives us wild. But which of pop culture’s many beloved robots, you might ask, are the most kissable? I  am here to answer that question. But first, we need to establish…




Who Builds Video Game Wikis?

The first time I played Stardew Valley, I made it one whole in-game day before needing to look something up. I wanted to buy some seeds with my tiny starting allowance, but couldn’t figure out which to buy. Without thinking, I found myself on the official Stardew Valley Wiki. I…