Bird Alone Diary: Part Three

Spoilers for Bird Alone to follow. The art of writing is a lot of things. For me, it’s most often the process of immortalizing — feelings, thoughts, people, memories. Whether it exists within the confines of a physical diary or is published on the internet for theoretically anyone to see,…


Bird Alone Diary: Part Two

“Maybe there is no ‘real version’ of me,” tells me my feathered friend in Bird Alone. “We’re all a little piece of everyone we meet. And that’s what self-identity is? So the more I give myself to you, the stronger my identity becomes.” I didn’t think I would discover a…


Bird Alone Diary: Part One

I’ve never been good with routines or consistency. In the months leading up to quarantine, I was so proud of myself for developing several healthy routines. But after the pandemic started, my mental health took an even worse turn than it had before, and I abandoned those routines. In the…