Fanwidth (A Fanbyte Podcast) Episode 039: Son of Maclunkey

It’s one jam packed week of discussion on Fanwidth, folks! Merritt, Niki, and Steven are finally here to report on Death Stranding. It sounds like merritt and Niki enjoyed it, at least! Meanwhile, Niki alone enters the land of virtual reality… three years after everyone else. Will he choose to…

Fanwidth Fanbyte Podcast 39

One Year Later, It’s Hard to Play Ashen the Way It Was Intended

Ashen is a game about cooperation. I said as much about a year ago, when the game first came out. It’s a bite-sized, surprisingly soothing Souls-like with shades of Journey. That is to say, while combat is risky and requires managing a stamina gauge, you can get a little bit…

Final Boss Ashen Multiplayer

Steven Strom’s Top 10 Games of 2018

It’s finally time! With what feels like only seconds to spare, I’ve gone and completed my personal Game of the Year list. 2018 had some real bangers, huh? Although it wasn’t nearly as strong a year as 2017, I still had major trouble narrowing it down to just 10 games…

Steven Game of the Year



Ashen is Dark Souls for People Who Don’t Like Dark Souls

Fight. Die. Drop your experience points. Run back and pick them up. It’s all the elements that superficially add up to a Souls-like — a game heavily influenced by From Software’s Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls series. Even your light and heavy attacks map to the right shoulder buttons in Ashen, the…

Ashen Dark Souls


Every Epic Games Store Exclusive We Know So Far [UPDATE]

Epic Games, the studio behind Fortnite, only announced its own online store a few days ago. But it’s already got a glut of announced PC exclusives. The Game Awards 2018 hosted its own slew of newly announced games — some of them out right now — and a good chunk of them…

Epic Games Store Exclusive