Best Camp of My Life Episode 20: John Gooden: Commentator, Iron Man, Low-Key Nerd

Fernanda Prates interviews UFC Commentator John Gooden on all things MMA.

On Episode 20, UFC Commentator John Gooden joins Fernanda to discuss Petr Yan’s disqualification at UFC 259, the expensive life of an Iron Man, and more. [Note: A small portion of the interview had to be cut due to technical issues during production, please excuse any references to earlier parts of the conversation that may not have happened in this reality.] Listen to the episode here or check out the embed below!

On the show, Gooden spoke a bit about his boxing career, way back when.

“Yeah, I did boxing whilst I was at uni, which isn’t a good mix actually,” he said.

“As a result of that, I ended up kind of walking away from it. And again… not doing it with your with your friends necessarily, it was always a bit tough. But my mum hyperventilated at my second fight, I mean, that was never a good thing. We had the medics with my mom, rather than the fighters!”

“You know, that’s just like, this is the family… and I won that one!”



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